Deadly Love At First Sight

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Deadly Love At First Sight

Post by yawares » Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:48 am

Dear Members,

This is an amazing story of Theri Bhadda who was ordained by the Buddha himself, and was praised
as an etadagga who attained arahantship fastest among the bhikkhunis.


Bhadda Kundalakesa: Deadly Love At First Sight
[Translated from Thai Dhammapada, Thai Version by Dr.Sirikanya Sastri]

Bhadda was born into a weathy family in Rajagaha. Her parents loved and
protected her. One day, Bhadda was looking out her window and saw a thief being
led to the place of execution. She fell in love with the thief at first sight.
She begged her parents to help save the thief from his punishment. Although they
did not agree with her request, they loved her so much and feared that she might
hurt herself if they did not save her love. The parents bribed the guards to let
the thief escape and brought the thief home at night.

Shortly after this meeting, a wedding united Bhadda with the thief. Later on,
The thief convinced his wife that he needed to give an offering to the mountain
deva for sparing his life. She agreed to the plan and accompanied her husband to
the mountain. She had no idea of the true intention of the thief, but when he
revealed his plan of killing her for her money and jewelry, she was very angry.
So, she deceived the thief into believing she was naive and madly in love with
him. She hugged him tightly and when he did not suspect it, she pushed him off
the side of the mountain to his death.

She was immediately ashamed of her actions and could not face her parents, so
she wandered from town to town. She felt helpless and lost until she met a
Jain ascetic who asked her to join his order. In order to complete the ordainment,
she had to pluck out all of her hair. Oddly enough, her hair grew back curly. So,
the people called her Kundalakesa(curly hair).

Within a short period, she grew tired of the order's philosophy. She longed for
more, so she traveled throughout India searching for profound and inspiring
teachings. In the process of searching, she became very skilled at debating and
challenging all the spiritual leaders she came across. Each place she traveled,
she would build a sandpile marked with a rose-apple branch to display her desire
to debate anyone who was willing to challenge her knowledge of religions and
spiritual philosophy. She knew her challengers when they trampled on her
sandpile. For a long period of time, she earned great status since she won all
debates despite who challenged her.

One day, Bhadda arrived in Savatti and created a sandpile to spark a debate.
Sariputta Thera, a famous Buddha disciple, heard of her arrival and her
intention while he was staying at Jetavan-Vanaram. He told children to trample
on her sandpile to initiate a debate with her. This debate brought great
attention from all over and many crowds of people traveled for the debate.
Bhadda spent several hours throwing questions at Sariputta, but he never tired
and he always gave perfect answers. She was shocked and ran out of questions. So
for the first time ever, Bhadda had to answer questions from her challenger. His
questions were too profound for her and she failed to answer them. This was the
first debate she lost. Instead of feeling sad, she was inspired and for the
first time in fifty years, she knew she had found the teacher she had been
searching for all these years. She asked to be his novice, Sariputta thera
declined and told her she should see the Buddha.

She immediately went to see the Buddha and listened to his dhamma preaching. At
once, she attained arahantship which was very shocking to the Buddha's disciples
that she reached this status so quickly. She was ordained by the Buddha himself
and was known as Kundalakesa Theri.

Note: Just as the wanderer Bahiya was the bhikkhu who attained arahantship faster
than anyone else, Bhadda was the fastest among the bhikkhunis.

Sattuka, The thief Who Married Bhadda [by yawares]

Sattuka was a son of a king's religious advisor. He was born with bad
sign(astrology sign)that he would bring trouble to people. His father asked the
king to kill his babyboy, but the king denied and even named the boy'Sattuka'.

This boy grew up to be a very handsome man but 'bad to the bone', who had long
history of theft. Finally the king ordered his guards to capture him and made
him walked around town for people to see before taking him to the place of execution.

Love Buddha's dhamma,
Yawares/sirikanya :heart:

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Re: Deadly Love At First Sight

Post by SDC » Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:36 pm

Another good one, yawares.

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Re: Deadly Love At First Sight

Post by yawares » Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:05 am

Dear SDC,

Thank you very much for reading my story and I love the verse.

yawares :anjali:

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