Comment on the early post about MN 54 Potaliya Sutta

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Comment on the early post about MN 54 Potaliya Sutta

Post by starter » Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:16 pm

Hi friend, I read the earlier post about MN 54, and would like to make the following comments:

1) 'From the study guide, ... The cutting off of one’s affairs is not completed until one recollects one’s past lives, sees beings with the divine eye and destroys the taints."

As I understand, the recollection of one’s past lives and seeing beings’ destinations with the devine eye are not “a must” for ending the assavas.

2) "... the noble disciple reflects. The Blessed One had said that sensual desires are comparable to a tree full of fruits. It brings much unpleasantness trouble and danger. This should be seen with equanimity and right wisdom, as it really is, and the various interests, should be turned out, A single interest and attachment should be developed with equanimity (*) , in which all worldly material interests fade completely and equanimity should be developed further."

I think Ven. Thanissaro's translation [see Access to Insight] of this paragraph is more clear:

"... Seeing this with right discernment, as it actually is, then avoiding the equanimity coming from multiplicity, dependent on multiplicity, he develops the equanimity coming from singleness, dependent on singleness, where sustenance/clinging for the baits of the world ceases without trace."

"... "When the disciple of the noble ones has arrived at this purity of equanimity & mindfulness, he enters & remains in the fermentation-free awareness-release & discernment-release, having directly known & realized them for himself right in the here & now. "It's to this extent, householder, that there is the all-around in-every-way cutting off of one's affairs in the discipline of a noble one."

Hope the above info is helpful for the readers who come across this discussion. Cheers!


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Re: Comment on the early post about MN 54 Potaliya Sutta

Post by mikenz66 » Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:35 pm

Hi Starter,

Thank you for your input.

Here's the link to the earlier thread:" onclick=";return false;
and the translation of part of it by Ven Thanissaro: ... .than.html" onclick=";return false;

The sequence of knowledges of recollection of births and so on is the usual sequence of such Suttas, but certainly the final liberating wisdom is the important point.

It could be useful to compare the Nanamoli/Bodhi translation:
Based on that same supreme mindfulness whose purity is due to equanimity, by realising for himself with direct knowledge, this noble disciple here and now enters and abides in the deliverance of mind and deliverance by wisdom that are taintless with the destruction of the taints.

At this point, householder, the cutting off of affairs in the Noble One's Discipline has been achieved entirely in all ways...

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