Did the Buddha go to Sri Lanka?

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Re: Did the Buddha go to Sri Lanka?

Post by EricJ » Sat Jul 03, 2010 7:19 am

jcsuperstar wrote:yes, in fact the 1st person he met after he decided to teach and monks leaving the sangha too, his attendant prior to Ananda left him, also there were monks who left with Devadata too.
But you say he did in fact teach these people, despite the fact that he would have known whether or not they would go for refuge and realize the fruits of Dhamma? Respectfully, this seems to contradict this post:

"if one isnt ready and so you dont teach him, you didnt hold anything back, you just didnt waste your time talking, basically, to yourself."

I apologize for continuing a discussion which, as Ben and others have said, is irrelevant in practical terms. However, this discussion is within a topic concerning whether the Buddha visited a place outside of where he is recorded to have visited in the suttas. I think that if he is said to have taught in places outside of India, it is legitimate to widen the discussion to address why he would have visited one place using his powers and not done the same in other places.

I also want to add that I am not questioning that the Buddha would have had the power to appear and reappear in other places. Obviously, I can't confirm or deny this since I was not there and I have not attained the sammasambodhi which would allow me to do such a thing. But if there is anyone who I would believe could have done such a thing, it is the Tathagata, and I found myself without doubt in that respect.
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Re: Did the Buddha go to Sri Lanka?

Post by jcsuperstar » Sat Jul 03, 2010 7:23 am

it doesn't contradict what i say unless there is some law or whatnot that says the Buddha must teach everyone he meets, what it shows is that your idea of just because he teaches or would teach than the teaching would survive or be put into practice whatever vs what i said is maybe there was no reason to go.
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