Monks and Nuns cohabitating

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Re: Monks and Nuns cohabitating

Post by Mukunda » Thu Jun 10, 2010 6:27 pm

Annapurna wrote:
Sheranne wrote:Hi everyone:
I asked the question, because I was considering a teacher. I have not known of Theravada monks and nuns living together; I thought that they are always separate. I don't have many examples, and I thought historically it was possible that nuns helped out the monks and acted as assistants. The example I am aware of is in the US, and so I thought possibly this is more common in the US.

I have found people on this list to be confrontational, reactive, and mean-spirited. Everyone so ready for a fight. I came back to the list, because I know there is a ton of experience and intellectual understanding here. But people lacking in ability to give someone a tiny benefit of doubt.

I was uncomfortable asking outright of this teacher, but I will do so now, because I really do not understand what I am seeing, and you all are not helpful but jump to the wrong conclusions and are quick to think the worst of the question asker. Sher
This reaction is exactly what could be expected.

Wouldn't it be far better to ask what was meant before jumping to conclusions ?

"Hey, I'm in doubt how you meant this, and before I jump to conclusions, please explain more."

It's one of the most valuable lessons I have learned from some fellow Buddhist members here!

The problem is, probably, that is goes by unnoticed, when we assume.


Far too many people would rather address what they are INFERRING is written than what actually IS written. But there's no way you'll get them to either see or admit this.


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