what is a dhammakkhandha?

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what is a dhammakkhandha?

Post by canadianbuddhist » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:45 am


just wondering what is a dhammakkhandha?

I have heard there are 84000 dhammakkhandha.

can someone let me know?

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Re: what is a dhammakkhandha?

Post by Dhammanando » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:33 am

The texts offer a number of different ways of classifying the Dhammavinaya: the nine limbs, the three baskets, the five nikāyas, etc. The 84,000 dhammakkhandha scheme is one of the less often used ones. It's first mentioned by Ānanda in his Theragāthā verses:
dvāsīti buddhato gaṇhiṃ, dve sahassāni bhikkhuto |
caturāsītisahassāni, ye me dhammā pavattino ||

I learned 82,000 from the Buddha,
And 2,000 from the monks;
These 84,000
Are the teachings I have memorized.
And its meaning is explained in the Atthasālinī:

“Keep to your own pastures, bhikkhus, walk in the haunts where your fathers roamed.
If ye thus walk in them, Māra will find no lodgement, Māra will find no foothold.”
— Cakkavattisīhanāda Sutta

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