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Re: Pali Resources

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Found on google books ( ... &q&f=false) a translation of Dhp by Carter and Palihawadana. It's a serious scholarly work, but what is interesting for pali learners is that they give almost literal translation of the commentary (not the stories, but word-by-word commentary of each verse found in the end of the stories in Dhp-atthakata). This is useful for those who want to learn how to translate the commentaries. In the end-notes (most are not available on google books) the authors explain some of the features of commentarial language.

If you decide to buy a paper book, make sure you get a long version (~500 pages), not the short one.
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Re: Pali Resources

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Richard Gombrich discussing his latest book, Buddhism and Pali, with his former student Alexander Wynne.

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Re: Pali Resources

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Learn Pali

Online Pali grammar tutorials for the absolute beginner - in English. For anyone wishing to learn the Pali language of the Theravada canon. ... PrzvAWWMpo
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Re: Pali Resources

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Introducing new tipitaka, atta, tika study website with
  • full text search
  • multiple scripts support
  • dictionary lookup in multiple languages
  • offline apps for Windows/Mac/Linux

Chatta Sangayana Tipitaka CST Software V5
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Re: Pali Resources

Post by Volo »

Once I made a synopsis based on Warder, Duroiselle and Geiger as well as Ñanatusita's grammar tables, since I wanted to have most grammatical information I need in one place and not to search every time through three big books. The synopsis became quite big (52 pages), since I also included explanations and examples, but I personally find it useful and consult often, when I answer some questions on Pali sub-forum usually I take the answers from there :). May be some of you would also like them (§ refers to Duroiselle). Can be downloaded from here.

Here is also the same in booklet format if you would like to print it as a small book (then it's only 13 sheets if you print on both sides).

I'm also attaching excel version of the table, which comes in the appendix to Warder, and has information about Pali verbs.
Pali verbs Warder.xlsx
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every single reference to vitakka in the suttas, MN completed

Post by frank k » : ☸🐘 STED definitions 🎙️🔊Audio Tales in Pāli: ☸Dharma and Vinaya in many languages
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Re: Pali Resources

Post by robertk » ... guage.html
by Ven. Bodhi..
with text and audio.
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Re: Pali Resources

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Vatious Pali scripts side by side.


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Re: Pali keyboard for iPhone?

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dylanj wrote:I'm a little late, but Unicode Pro lets you create a custom keyboard for iPhone. I use it for Pāli.
And I know it’s been forever since I posted my plea and you posted your response, but I’ll look into it now nevertheless. Thank you very much for the tip! :)

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