Victims of the Haiti Earthquake - Dedication of merits

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Victims of the Haiti Earthquake - Dedication of merits

Post by retrofuturist » Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:03 pm


Something I received today that I thought would be worth passing on.
Subject: For “Victims of the Haiti Earthquake” - An Invitation to All Disciples of the Buddha in the Ten Directions for Dedication of Merits

Dear All:

On 13th Jan'10, Haiti experienced a 7.0 degree Earthquake, resulting in severe damage and casualties, with death toll rate amounting to over 10 thousand. Approximately over 3 million Haiti residents were affected by the quake. CNN journalist who visited the affected area described the scene as "horror", where an overview of Prince Street shows demolised buildings, leaving almost no complete or intact houses and buildings.

Even the more affluent residential estates were not spared from the fate of collapsed. A mine field in Prince Street area explored, with unknown number of casualties being buried alive underneath the mine. The place was replead with bodies and without appropriate transport to moved them, could only be left on the streets.

It is hoped that all compassionate disciples of the Buddha could exercise the mindset of Great Loving-Kindness and Compassion of the Bodhisattva together in dedication of merits. Through the supreme merits generated from: chanting of Sutras, recitation of Buddha Name, upholding of Mantra, paying homage to the Buddha, denouncing of Killing, animal liberation etc. To wish for the blessings of Buddha, Boddhisattva Nagas and all Dharma Protectors, so as to relieve all victims of Haiti earthquake, their negative karma and blessings in wisdom.

For survivals, blessings in good health, avoidance of calamities, peace and harmony. For Victims, being free from adversity, generate minds of Bodhi resolving in the wish for rebirth in the Pure Land of the Ultimate Bliss.

For those who wish to participate in this dedication of merits, after you complete your Sutra chanting, recitation of Buddha Name, upholding of Mantra, paying homage to the Buddha and various practice etc.

You may add in this verses at the time when you do dedication of merits:

May the merits thus accrued be dedicated to:
All Sentinent Beings who were victims of Haiti earthquake,
be free from negative karma and grow in wisdom.
May survivals be blessed with good health,
free from calamities, reside in peace and harmony.
May victims who have died be relieved from sufferings,
generate minds of Boddhi and the wish to gain rebirth in the Pure Land of the Ultimate Bliss.

May sentinent beings of this land, other land, limitless land, awakened to Enlightenment.

May all sentinent beings in this world, other world, limitless world systems, attain Enlightenment.

Repaying the four kindness, aiding the three lower realms, may all beings unite in wisdom.

After dedication of merits, kindly in the website below :" onclick=";return false;
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Indicate your Name (Refuge Name)

Wish to gather the compassionate energies and merits from practice of all, to enable victims of all Haiti earthquake, to be free from pain and suffering!

Sincere Thanks to All disciples of the Buddha for your kindness and compassion!

Warmest regards from Da-Kuan Venerable

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Retro. :)
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Re: Victims of the Haiti Earthquake - Dedication of merits

Post by bodom » Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:06 pm

May they all be well, happy, peaceful and free from suffering.

To study is to know the texts,
To practice is to know your defilements,
To attain the goal is to know and let go.

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Re: Victims of the Haiti Earthquake - Dedication of merits

Post by cooran » Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:23 pm

Hello all,

May all beings be happy and at ease.

My understanding is that it is only those of the departed born in the realm of Petas who can hear and share the merits. Does anyone have any other links?

To dedicate merits to the deceased means to share the inner sense of well being that comes from having acted rightly or well. The recipients of our dedication are those people who have passed away and acquire the existence of a peta, a hungry ghost, one of a class of beings in the lower realms, sometimes capable of appearing to human beings. The peta are often depicted in Buddhist art as starving beings with pinhole-sized mouths through which they can never pass enough food to ease their hunger. We can’t dedicate our merits to the living since they can make merits for themselves and in greater quantity. The peta on the other hand are not able to do so and must rely on the living to do it for them. Those who are reborn in the human world or in the heavens have accumulated enough merits to keep them satiated and happy or are able to acquire more merits if they wish to do so. Those who are reborn in hell can’t also receive our dedication because they are completely consumed by the fire of suffering. ... Merits.htm" onclick=";return false;

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