Palden Dorje

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Palden Dorje

Postby Darren_86 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 4:00 pm

Dear All,

I was reading through the Nepal Animal Sacrifice - Hindu festival, and got more into Palden Dorje (aka Ram Bamjan - Nepal Buddha Boy) speech.

It is definitely a speech of great wisdom and very compassionate. Below is the speech :

First Speech November 10

I have taken refuge in the Great Great Vehicle that is Yampa Dharma

I have taken refuge in all Dharma, Sangha

I greet all Buddha lineages and take refuge. Keeping in mind, in accordance with the time of each society, public sentiment, the country and birth and stay, while meditating and practicing for the purpose of attaining peace for livelihood, I have dedicated my whole life, body and speech for suffering beings. The day was auspicious and the boy was age six or seven. That boy was of silent thought and noble feeling. One day at the request of the god of sleep the boy saw in a vision a great person preaching. That great person was wearing a white robe, his complexion was white and light was coming out of his body and speech came out of him, “Look here human being why have you come? That boy had gone to visit that great man. Then he also promised the boy why have you come ? who are you ? such speech was being heard. In that situation the answer was given by the boy. He was a mediator in his past life and his age was eight or nine. Then one miraculous scene occurred. There was a village of the Tharu community at some distance from the village. One dead body was brought from that village for cremation at the bank of a river which is near the village. That boy was roaming with his friends near there. All of a sudden the boy's sight went towards the funeral pyre. That light was burning in blue and yellow flame. Day by day that boy started to think that liberation will be achieved after death in the same manner. Insight of the previous meditation got developed and the bright light of the body which was on the funeral pyre and the knowledge of the meditation of past life reminded him day and night. Gradually, after the knowledge of meditation path the need of one solitary place was raised. In the beginning, starting from the seventh chakra while reaching at Brahma chakra. klesha and Mara were destroyed and invisible lights entered into the body. The knowledge of Maitri of Lok and Alok has been gained. The knowledge about the Lok and Alok can not be given to this Samsara (world) unless and until the god gives order to do so. For this Samsara, I am abiding Dharma while being a Bodhisattwa keeping away from undesired action (Akushala papa) keeping the Maitri Bhawana (noble thought) in mind one has to act good with karma, speech and mind while being away from sexual misconduct, anger, and greed. From the Dhyana marga (meditation path) again God gave the speech. This troubled world is suffering because it is not getting Karuna (Compassion) because of ignorance caused by greed, anger, aversion, envy and attachment. The human beings have taken the policy and tradition to destroy themselves as well as the god lineage. Let's make path of peace. Abide by nana ashana dharma by renouncing body, speech and mind for the sentient beings of the world which are in the form of consciousness is the first aim for world peace and liberation of sentient beings of the world being one pointed to concentration for the welfare of human beings Dharma. I will always provide pure guidance by taking seela, dharma and punya as daily routine I have taken refuge in the liberator for ever. I will change all conscious lost sentient beings into the path of liberation and mokchya by making them realize the thought of compassion by keeping in mind the world which is lingering in between the earth and the sky which has taken impermanent birth and wandering in the world It is not that there has been no noble truth knowledge in the world for the welfare of sentient beings. In all noble beings policy, tradition, religion is being changed in a changed form. Wrong policy, tradition and religion has led all noble beings towards separation. That is why it is one form of human beings of the world to accept good policy. The parmatma element knowledge is the same. The world standing on one element. One element will destroy as well as save the world. If the whole world accepts one right religion I can light the light of peace. The whole world will be able to touch the thought of each other. The knowledge of Dharma will provide guidance for non-violence, charity and compassion and to liberate the sentient beings the human beings besides understanding this thought of friendship will be suffering because of desire and attachment created by ignorance. Human beings suffer because of worldly greed. They are restless and in agony from the burden of evil deed. What is the meaning of human beings’ suffering? There is a problem understanding what the suffering of human beings is. We don't want to experience the suffering. In this impermanent world there is nothing that has no suffering. From birth to death, being human there is suffering. By not being successful in forgetting or renouncing desire, suffering humans are in the suffering world throughout life. That's why in the world it is full of the law of injustice and untruth all struggling with the thought of desire. Likewise, it is a difficult thing to take the path of human welfare. But human beings full of desire are suffering because of blind faith. By always thinking about them, I will be absorbed in meditation by taking the form of a Bodhisattwa for the liberation of all sentient beings suffering in the cycle of this world until all of them get enlightenment.

May all beings be happy.

What did you all think of him?

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Re: Palden Dorje

Postby Calahand » Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:44 am

I don't know... he seems like a nice kid... He brought alot of people hope in nepal which is nice. :smile:

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Re: Palden Dorje

Postby Darren_86 » Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:45 am

Yah, Palden Dorje speech was very enlightening as well.

His latest speech in Gandhimai Event in Nepal, was another good one.

In my earlier post, in which I had copied the article from wikipedia, It has some incorrect translation, which translated Atma (higher self) and Bhagavan to God (with what motive I dont know).

Another, Palden Dorje's speech was very much a mixture of Pali, Sanskrit, a little tibetan, a little nepalish. So, ppl found it hard to translate them. Anyhow, I found his speech (until now) very pararel with the Buddha's teaching. So thumbs up~!

-Darren- =)

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