Depression and Meditation

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Re: Depression and Meditation

Post by TheNoBSBuddhist » Tue Jun 10, 2014 8:53 am

Spiny Norman wrote:
waterchan wrote:I think it's more accurate to say that by the time one can practice correct metta meditation, one is no longer chronically depressed. But I would be hesitant to prescribe it as a cure. "You have depression. Metta meditation will cure it."
I think that anyone teaching meditation has a duty of care, and that anyone suffering from clinical depression should be advised to seek professional medical advice and care.
Metta can be helfpul in promoting mental health, but should not be viewed as a "cure" for serious depression.
Quite.... This was the point of my requesting feedback from members.

And I am going to stick my 'NoBS' neck out and give the opinion that while I completely concur that in all matters to do with Buddhist practice, Sutta/teaching reference and questions on Morals, ethics and implementation of the Buddha's legacy, the Ordained members of this on-line community should absolutely be respected and be unopposed, insofar as discussion and debate permits and dictates, but in matters such as this one, there are instances in which their comments and opinions may well be brought to task, questioned and even challenged.
Simply because the person is ordained, does not make them infallible with regard to issues and matters outside their remit.
In no part of his instructions did the venerable Bhante, either mention that clinical, diagnosed and medically-treated depression should be carefully considered in this practice, but he further made no disclaimer, gave no caveats, warnings or made any recommendations in reference to that.
I personally feel that's a serious and dangerous omission.
If this kind of opinion is still unacceptable and taboo, then there's something unreasonable in that....Ordained members are still humans, and as such, still subject to making mistakes, as we all are... There's nothing wrong with that, it's only natural and to be expected, isn't it? But this is a serious matter.

Hence my wanting to bring it to light.

You will not be punished FOR your 'emotions'; you will be punished BY your 'emotions'.


Pay attention, simplify, and (Meditation instruction in a nutshell) "Mind - the Gap."
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Re: Depression and Meditation

Post by tiltbillings » Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:00 am

TheNoBSBuddhist wrote: Hence my wanting to bring it to light.
You brought it to light, now maybe you might consider that it might be a good thing to have civil, prvt conversation with the Ven S?
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Re: Depression and Meditation

Post by SarathW » Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:23 am

I knew two people very close to me taking anti depression medication.
One took her life, the other person attempted to take her life but came back from a three months coma.
When I had a miner depression doctors prescribed me some mediction.
I did not take the medicine but practice Metta meditation every morning which help me to pull through my problems.

Please note this is not a medical advise.

I do not think that I had a clinical depression (what ever it is).
I still do not know or understand what depression means.
I am not sure whether doctors know that either.
A person said to me, if I think That I have depression that means I do not have one.

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