Can meditation reduce blood pressure?

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Can meditation reduce blood pressure?

Post by SarathW » Mon May 05, 2014 12:49 am

Can meditation reduce blood pressure?

I take regular blood pressure using a blood pressure monitor.
Now I have learned to manipulate the machine to get a lower reading using my breath.
I know this is not a long term or permanent solution.
The solution should be the controlling of diet, exercise and take medication if the problem is acute.
I just like to know whether you have any experience in reducing high blood pressure using breath.

According to MN 28, three of these properties—water, fire, and wind—have
the potential to become “provoked” (kuppa). In other words, when stimulated,
they can become quite volatile. So when you explore the ways in which the inand-
out breath fabricates the inner sense of the body, these are the three
properties most directly responsive to influences from the breath. With regard to
the water property, this could mean breathing in such a way as to raise or lower
the blood pressure, for example, or to change the flow of the blood through
different parts of the body: away from an area feeling excess pressure (as when
you have a headache) or toward an area that has been injured and needs the
extra nourishment that a healthy blood flow would provide.
With regard to the
fire property, this could mean breathing in such a way as to feel warmer when
the weather is cold, or cooler when it’s hot. With regard to the wind property,
this could mean breathing in ways that would regulate the flow of the energy
already coursing through the different parts of the body.

Page 91 ... 120810.pdf
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Re: Can meditation reduce blood pressure?

Post by ArkA » Sun May 11, 2014 2:16 pm

Yes, meditation can reduce blood pressure. In very simple terms, "samadhi" is calming everything, not only defilements. If you managed to achieve very deep samadhis, you can even stop your pulse.

By nature I'm a calm person both mentally and physically. Before became a serious meditator my regular pulse was around 60. And now after 20 years of anapana, it's 50. When doing intense retreats, the regular becomes 40. I eat one meal a day and pretty healthy, without any fatigue, weakness, dizziness.

Buddha's medicine can heal many illnesses, not only the sickness of Samsara. :) Actually, that's the secret behind reminding -- not mere chanting -- the bojjhanga (enlightenment factors) to sick meditators or realised people. Read here the section called "Actual Refuge" on page 74.

May you be healthy and happy!
I'll restart my yearlong meditation retreat on 15th June 2014, hence will not be here.

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- Anguttara Nikaya, 3.131, Paticchanna Sutta

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Re: Can meditation reduce blood pressure?

Post by TheNoBSBuddhist » Sun May 11, 2014 3:50 pm

Well it did a very successful job on mine!


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