Does euanimity means that youre not overweening?

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Re: Does euanimity means that youre not overweening?

Post by Taijitu » Tue Dec 17, 2013 6:26 pm

villkorkarma wrote:boring
Sorry to post so much, I am new so please forgive me. To my mind boring is suffering and one should seek to avoid it.

True equanimity, to my mind, comes from overcoming boredom.

I have overcome boredom through constant mutually beneficial interactions with others and the world around me.

Does being mindfulness not teach one to see the world as a child experiencing things as if they were new.

Is there a food you feel you have never liked but may try again? Can you ask someone to explain their view on something so as to better see through their eyes.

It is hard, for me, to become bored when I seek out other people's perspective and learn from the experience. Even a leaf on the ground has many lessons to tell when one considers the larger picture.

Sorry again for so many posts I'll try to put it all in one next time.
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Re: Does euanimity means that youre not overweening?

Post by Floor » Mon Dec 23, 2013 3:59 am

Asking a lot of questions is fine, but know it is not very helpful. Do instead of ask. Meditation is everything. It and only it, is how you travel down the path. You do not need suttas, or teachers, or jhanas, everything you need will come out of the meditation naturally. It is like asking questions about martial arts. Just go do martial arts and things will answer themselves.

If you are serious about Buddhism you must take a meditation retreat. You will learn the technique properly and more importantly you will create the base in which all you progress will come from. This compact week of meditation will hammer the technique inside of you and provide the momentum you need to progress in your daily life.

The Uba Khin and S.N. Goenka lineage is very strong and they have many locations all over the US (and world)


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