disturbing noise and anger

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Re: disturbing noise and anger

Post by Crazy cloud » Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:25 pm

“If a man is crossing a river and an empty boat collides with his own skiff, even though he be a bad-tempered man he will not become very angry. But if he sees a man in the boat, he will shout at him to steer clear. If the shout is not heard, he will shout again, and yet again, and begin cursing.

And all because there is somebody in the boat. Yet if the boat were empty, he would not be shouting, and not angry. If you can empty your own boat crossing the river of the world, no one will oppose you, no one will seek to harm you…. Who can free himself from achievement, and from fame, descend and be lost amid the masses of men?
He will flow like Tao, unseen, he will go about like Life itself with no name and no home. Simple is he, without distinction. To all appearances he is a fool. His steps leave no trace. He has no power. He achieves nothing, has no reputation. Since he judges no one, no one judges him. Such is the perfect man: His boat is empty.”
― Osho
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Re: disturbing noise and anger

Post by awakenedmind » Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:12 pm

Spiny Norman wrote:
awakenedmind wrote: seems it's more of my anger at people making the noise than the noise itself.
Yes, I've noticed I'm not disturbed by natural sounds because there is nobody to blame for them. I've also noticed that I'm not too bothered when noise is made by people I like.
hey,it's exactly the same for me.

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Re: disturbing noise and anger

Post by awakenedmind » Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:19 pm

that empty boat quote is so true.
I can imagine how a person wouldnt shout at an empty boat.
or how I wouldn't feel as bad
if it were a non living thing such as a cement mixer
or even if there was a road drill being used by a person,
because there would be no option.

but in the case, when I have a story about the people
making the noise, then I get angry.
that ajahn chah's quote of putting beeswax in his ears also makes sense
we would end up trying to just close all our sense door to get peace,
but it isn't going to work.

today, I was practicing noting and present moment awareness the whole day
and I found that I was able to cope a little better with the noise.

hec, I am also doing lots of metta meditation.
will try and keep saying the phrases whenever I remember,
but mostly I will keep doing present moment awareness.

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Re: disturbing noise and anger

Post by Babadhari » Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:30 pm

best of luck
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