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Post by Bunks » Fri Jun 21, 2013 5:04 am

retrofuturist wrote:Greetings,
Bunks wrote:Do you have any regular meditation group you sit with in the western suburbs retrofuturist?
No, there's not much in the way of Theravada organisations (or any Buddhist institutions for that matter) anywhere near Werribee - are you aware of anything on the Geelong side of Lara?

If I meditate, I meditate solo... but to be honest, the closest I get to formal meditation nowadays is Bikram Yoga - and there is one of those in Werribee!

Otherwise, it's just a matter of watching the qualitative nature of the body, mind and thoughts, satipatthana-style... right effort, noble eightfold path etc.


Retro. :)
No - nothing in the Theravada tradition - there is a Tibetan monastery south of Geelong but that's about it...

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