if you could ask the Buddha one question

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Re: if you could ask the Buddha one question

Post by tiltbillings » Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:15 pm

Gentlemen, play nice.
>> Do you see a man wise [enlightened/ariya] in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.<< -- Proverbs 26:12

This being is bound to samsara, kamma is his means for going beyond. -- SN I, 38.

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” HPatDH p.723

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Re: if you could ask the Buddha one question

Post by Jechbi » Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:16 pm

Thanks, Peter.
Peter wrote:
Jechbi wrote:The difference is that I was trying to respond to the OP by describing what would be, for me personally, the best question. I thought I made that very clear.
No not really. What you said what "I think that's the best question possible." It was this statement, making a judgement of what would be best for everybody, that prompted me to respond. If you had said "I think that's the best question possible for me based on where I'm at in my practice" or something like that then I likely would have not felt any need to respond. Even "I like this question" would have been innocuous.
Well, I was trying to answer the question in the OP, which was (emphasis mine): "if you could ask the Buddha one question, what would it be?" So I was only answering with regard to myself because that's what was asked.

You are correct, though, that at the moment I answered, I thought it was a pretty good question for just about anyone to ask, but even at that moment, I don't think I would have said it's the best question for everybody. The only reason it's the best possible for me is that other questions I might have about practice etc. have been thoroughly answered in discussions here on this forum as well as in my talks with teachers and in what I've read elsewhere. Every time I ask a question about practice these days, I get an answer that I already know. So, if given the opportunity, I'd rather leave the Buddha at the steering wheel when it comes to practical instruction.

Regardless, I appreciate the other members' patience throughout this discussion. It has been, of course, mostly about ego. Actually, a good (though painful) lesson for me overall, and I hope for you as well, Peter.
Peter wrote:
Jechbi wrote:Actually, this is the best question:
imagemarie wrote:Er..I'd hold up a flower. Am I on the wrong forum ? :jumping:
Oh please, everyone know the best question is "What do you get if you multiply six by nine?"
And the best answer is (drumroll) .... 42.

Rain soddens what is kept wrapped up,
But never soddens what is open;
Uncover, then, what is concealed,
Lest it be soddened by the rain.

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