The River Current( Nadiisotasutta.m)/Rajadattattheragatha

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The River Current( Nadiisotasutta.m)/Rajadattattheragatha

Post by yawares » Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:26 am

Dear Members

:candle: Nadiisota sutta (The River Current) :candle:
[Presented by Dr.Han Tun, MD.@ SariputtaDhamma/JTN/Mult]

Iti 109. Nadiisotasutta.m

109. Vutta~nheta.m bhagavataa, vuttamarahataati me suta.m

"Seyyathaapi , bhikkhave, puriso nadiyaa sotena ovuyheyya piyaruupasaataruupena.
Tamena.m cakkhumaa puriso tiire .thito disvaa eva.m vadeyya 'ki~ncaapi kho
tva.m, ambho purisa, nadiyaa sotena ovuyhasi piyaruupasaataruupena, atthi cettha
he.t.thaa rahado sauumi sagaho sarakkhaso ya.m tva.m, ambho purisa,
rahada.m paapu.nitvaa vaa nigacchasi mara.namatta.m vaa dukkha'nti.
Atha kho so, bhikkhave, puriso tassa purisassa sadda.m sutvaa hatthehi ca
paadehi ca pa.tisota.m vaayameyya.

(1) "Upamaa kho me aya.m, bhikkhave, kataa atthassa vi~n~naapanaaya. Aya.m
cettha attho 'nadiyaa soto'ti kho, bhikkhave, ta.nhaayeta.m adhivacana.m.

(2) "'Piyaruupa.m saataruupa'nti kho, bhikkhave, channeta.m ajjhattikaana.m
aayatanaana.m adhivacana.m.

(3) "'He.t.thaa rahado'ti kho, bhikkhave, pa~ncanna.m orambhaagiyaana.m
sa.myojanaana.m adhivacana.m;

(4) "'Uumibhaya'nti kho, bhikkhave, kodhupaayaasasseta.m adhivacana.m;

(5) "'Aava.t.ta'nti kho, bhikkhave, pa~ncanneta.m kaamagu.naana.m adhivacana.m;

(6) "'Gaharakkhaso'ti kho, bhikkhave, maatugaamasseta.m adhivacana.m;

(7) "'Pa.tisoto'ti kho, bhikkhave, nekkhammasseta.m adhivacana.m;

(8) "'Hatthehi ca paadehi ca vaayaamo'ti kho, bhikkhave, viiriyaarambhasseta.m

(9) "'Cakkhumaa puriso tiire .thito'ti kho, bhikkhave, tathaagatasseta.m
adhivacana.m arahato sammaasambuddhassaa"ti.

Etamattha.m bhagavaa avoca. Tattheta.m iti vuccati

"Sahaapi dukkhena jaheyya kaame, yogakkhema.m aayati.m patthayaano;
Sammappajaano suvimuttacitto, vimuttiyaa phassaye tattha tattha;
Sa vedaguu vuusitabrahmacariyo, lokantaguu paaragatoti vuccatii"ti.

Ayampi attho vutto bhagavataa, iti me sutanti.[/color]

Iti 109. Nadiisota sutta (The River Current)
[ Translated by John D. Ireland]

This was said by the Lord...

"Suppose, bhikkhus, a man was being borne along by the current of a river that
seemed pleasant and agreeable. But upon seeing him, a keen-sighted man standing
on the bank would call out to him: 'Hey, good man! Although you are being borne
along by the current of a river that seems pleasant and agreeable, lower down
there is a pool with turbulent waves and swirling eddies, with monsters and
demons. On reaching that pool you will die or suffer close to death.' Then,
bhikkhus, upon hearing the words of that person, that man would struggle against
the current with hands and feet.

"I have made use of this simile, bhikkhus, to illustrate the meaning. And this
is the meaning here:

(1) 'The current of the river' (nadiyaa soto) is a synonym for craving

(2) 'Seeming pleasant and agreeable' (piyaruup-saataruupa) is a synonym for the
six internal sense-bases (cha ajjhatta aayatana).

(3) 'The pool lower down' (he.t.thaa rahado) is a synonym for the five lower
fetters (pa~nca orambhaagiya sa.myojana).

(4) 'Turbulent waves' (uumibhaya) is a synonym for anger and frustration

(5)'Swirling eddies' (aava.t.ta) is a synonym for the five strands of sensual
pleasure (pa~nca

(6) 'Monsters and demons' (gaharakkhaso) is a synonym for womenfolk

(7) 'Against the current' (pa.tisoto) is a synonym for renunciation (nekkhamma).

(8) 'Struggling with hands and feet' (hatthehi ca paadehi ca vaayaamo) is a
synonym for instigating energy (viiriyaarambha).

(9) 'The keen-sighted man standing on the bank' (cakkhumaa puriso tiire .thito)
is a synonym for the Tathaagata, the Arahant, the Fully Enlightened One

"Desiring future security from bondage
One should abandon sensual desire
However painful this may be.
Rightly comprehending with wisdom,
Possessing a mind that is well released,
One may reach freedom step by step.

"One who is a master of knowledge,
Who has lived the holy life,
Is called one gone to the world's end,
One who has reached the further shore."

:heart: Love Buddha's dhamma,
yawares/sirikanya :heart:

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Re: The River Current( Nadiisotasutta.m)/Rajadattattheragatha

Post by yawares » Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:29 pm

Dear Members,

This beautiful Friday... not the 13th but 15th..Please let me share this amazing gatha with you all. Dr.Han tun learned Pali in school(Burma) since he was very young..he's so good with Pali.

:candle: Rajadattattheragatha :candle:
[Presented by Dr.Han Tun @ SD/JTN]

Theragathas are delightful verses uttered by Theras through sheer exultation and joy that arise out of their religious devotion and inspiration. These inspiring verses gush forth from their hearts after their attainment of Arahantship as an announcement of their achievement and also as a statement of their effort which has led to their final enlightenment. The following verses were uttered by Rajadatta Thera. He belonged to a caravan leader's family of Saavatthi, and was so called because he was born through the favour of Vessavana. When he came of age he took a caravan of five hundred carts to Rajagaha. Then, having squandered all his money, he went to Veluvana, and, after hearing the Buddha preach, entered the Order and lived in a charnel field. While wandering about, he saw the mangled body of a murdered courtesan and only with a great effort saved himself from distraction of mind. Later, he induced jhana and won arahantship. [Han: Vessavana = One of the names of Kuvera, given to him because his kingdom is called Visana. He is one of the Catummaharaja and rules over the Yakkhas, his kingdom being in the north.]
Thag 5.1 Rajadatta translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

(1) I, a monk, gone to the charnel ground,saw a woman cast away, discarded there in the cemetery. 315. "Bhikkhu sivathika.m gantvaa, addasa itthimujjhita.m;Apaviddha.m susaanasmi.m, khajjanti.m kimihii phu.ta.m.

(2) Though some were disgusted, seeing her dead, Evil lust appeared, as if I were blind to the oozings. 316. "Ya~nhi eke jigucchanti, mata.m disvaana paapaka.m;Kaamaraago paaturahu, andhova savatii ahu.m.

(3) In less time than it takes for rice to cook, I got out of that place.Mindful, alert, I sat down to one side. 317. "Ora.m odanapaakamhaa, tamhaa .thaanaa apakkami.m;Satimaa sampajaanoha.m, ekamanta.m upaavisi.m.

(4) Then apt attention arose in me,the drawbacks appeared, disenchantment stood at an even keel. 318. "Tato me manasiikaaro, yoniso udapajjatha;aadiinavo paaturahu, nibbidaa samati.t.thatha.

(5) With that, my heart was released.See the Dhamma's true rightness!The three knowledges have been attained;the Awakened One's bidding, done. 319. "Tato citta.m vimucci me, passa dhammasudhammata.m;Tisso vijjaa anuppattaa, kata.m buddhassa saasana"nti.

:heart: Love Buddha's dhamma,
yawares/sirikanya :heart:

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