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Post by greggorious » Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:11 pm

Lots of people quotes Sutta's or their favourite quotes underneath their messages on here. How do you do that?
"The original heart/mind shines like pure, clear water with the sweetest taste. But if the heart is pure, is our practice over? No, we must not cling even to this purity. We must go beyond all duality, all concepts, all bad, all good, all pure, all impure. We must go beyond self and nonself, beyond birth and death. When we see with the eye of wisdom, we know that the true Buddha is timeless, unborn, unrelated to any body, any history, any image. Buddha is the ground of all being, the realization of the truth of the unmoving mind.” Ajahn Chah

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Re: Quotes

Post by Reductor » Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:52 pm

Beneath the "Board Index" link on your page (on every page on DW, actually) there is a link to your "User Control Panel". Click on that. Then on the page that loads, click "Profile". On the next page that loads there will be a link "Edit signature". Click on that and a box will appear where you can can enter your quotes.

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