Facebook induced suffering

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Re: Facebook induced suffering

Post by rowboat » Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:56 am

I like :quote: ...

the Facebook Song:

Rain soddens what is covered up,
It does not sodden what is open.
Therefore uncover what is covered
That the rain will not sodden it.
Ud 5.5

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Re: Facebook induced suffering

Post by Hanzze » Thu Sep 20, 2012 6:26 am

Just came accross a poem
Social Media:
A Short Song of the Internet
by Betsy Horvath

On Facebook I stare at my wall
and wonder if I know you all.

I go to Twitter, thence to tweet
of what I wear and what I eat.

I think I’ll grab a book or two,
then head to Goodreads to review.

My blog post page is blank and white
I’ve not a clue of what to write.

I’ll visit other blogs instead
and comment there on what was said.

Then check on my email accounts
(between the five I tend to bounce).

Social media is good, it’s true
To keep in touch with all of you.

But writing I have nothing done
Except the poem I have just spun.

So I guess I’d better go turn the internet off now.
Just that! *smile*
...We Buddhists must find the courage to leave our temples and enter the temples of human experience, temples that are filled with suffering. If we listen to Buddha, Christ, or Gandhi, we can do nothing else. The refugee camps, the prisons, the ghettos, and the battlefields will become our temples. We have so much work to do. ... Peace is Possible! Step by Step. - Samtach Preah Maha Ghosananda "Step by Step" http://www.ghosananda.org/bio_book.html

BUT! it is important to become a real Buddhist first. Like Punna did: Punna Sutta Nate sante baram sokham _()_

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Re: Facebook induced suffering

Post by DAWN » Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:10 am

Information induced suffering.
Sabbe dhamma anatta
We are not concurents...
I'am sorry for my english

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