Pali : The Faculty Conditions

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Pali : The Faculty Conditions

Post by yawares » Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:11 pm

Dear Members,

Pali : The Faculty Conditions
[Presented by Dr.Han Tun,MD.@ SariputtaDhamma/JTN/Mult]

The following are the passages from Pa.t.thaana Chanting to support the
presentation by Tep. You can also hear the voice of the late Sayadaw Dr

16. Indriyapaccayo ... ccayo.html" onclick=";return false;


(i) cakkhundriya.m cakkhuvi~n~naa.nadhaatuyaa ta.m sampayuttakaana~nca
dhammaana.m indriyapaccayena paccayo.

(ii) sotindriya.m sotavi~n~naa.nadhaatuyaa ta.msampayuttakaana~nca dhammaana.m
indriyapaccayena paccayo.

(iii) ghaanindriya.m ghaanavi~n~naa.nadhaatuyaa ta.msampayuttakaana~nca
dhammaana.m indripaccayena paccayo.

(iv) jivhindriya.m jivhaavi~n~naa.nadhaatuyaa ta.msampayuttakaana~nca
dhammaana.m indriyapaccayena paccayo.

(v) kaayindriya.m kaayavi~n~naa.nadhaatuyaa ta.msampayuttakaana~nca dhammaana
indriyapaccayena paccayo.

(vi) ruupajiivitindriya.m ka.tattaaruupaana.m indriyapaccayena paccayo.

(vii) aruupino indriyaa sampayuttakaana.m dhammaana.m ta.msamu.t.thaanaana~nca
ruupaana.m indriyapaccayena paccayo.


16. Faculty Condition (Indriya Paccaya)

i. Eye-faculty (cakkhu-pasaada) is related to eye-consciousness and its
concomitants by faculty condition.

ii. Ear-faculty (sota-pasaada) is related to ear-consciousness and its
concomitants by faculty condition.

iii. Nose-faculty (ghāna-pasaada) is related to nose-consciousness and its
concomitants by faculty condition.

iv. Tongue-faculty (jivhā-pasaada) is related to tongue-consciousness and its
concomitants by faculty condition.

v. Body-faculty (kaaya-pasaada) is related to body-consciousness and its
concomitants by faculty condition.

vi. Physical life-faculty (jiivita-ruupa) is related to kamma produced
corporeality by faculty condition.

vii. The incorporeal (i.e. mental) faculties are related to their concomitants
(i.e. citta and cetasikas) and to the citta produced corporeality by faculty


Faculty Condition: Indriya condition resembles that of exercising control over a
country by the council of ministers appointed by the king.

:heart: Love Buddha's dhamma,

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