Arinna Weisman

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Arinna Weisman

Post by danieLion » Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:59 pm

I'm listening to some talks (on Dharmaseed) by Arinna Weisman (on chronic pain) and was wondering if anyone here knows anything about her. Her website's pretty good (practices in the Burmese U Ba Khin/S. Goenka/Webu Sayadaw tradition/lineage).

Seems pretty solid except when she talks of "Taking a stand for love," I'm not sure what she means? I think she means metta, which makes some sense, but she also might mean "accepting", etc....


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Re: Arinna Weisman

Post by cooran » Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:13 am

Hello daniel,

A little bit more:

Arinna Weisman was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and has lived in London, Israel and Europe. She studied with Ruth Denison and many other teachers in the Buddhist tradition and her spiritual practice includes work with Native American Elders. She is working toward a multicultural and gender-inclusive expression of the Dhamma and teaches throughout the United States. She is affiliated with Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and leads many retreats for lesbian, gay and transgendered Buddhists. ... na_Weisman" onclick=";return false;

with metta
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