Our First White Christmas!

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Our First White Christmas!

Post by yawares » Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:04 pm

Dear members,

Dow(nickname) is my #2 best friend, she was 4 yrs older than me. She was a tan beauty with great eye makeup, her mother owned a famous beauty-parlor in Bangkok. she looked like a model, when I saw her this song came to my mind:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8KdsMpaZ7M" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Once we both were in Copenhagen during Christmas, it was our first time to see snow falling for real(not in the movies), so we went out walking wearing bluejeans and black fur-coats. It was so so cold/windy, sometimes we slipped/stumbled and fell but we had fun. We shopped with our double perdiem holiday money until our legs half frozen then we went back to our Scandinavia Hotel. Her room was next to mine but she asked me to stay overnight in her room, we sat by the window looking at snow falling from the sky, we saw beautiful fireworks from the Tivoli Amusement Park near our hotel...how wonderful my first Christmas in Copenhagen !!

In the morning, we recieved Christmas fruits-baskets, compliments from the hotel. We looked out the window and saw the blizzard that we shouldn't go out. Dow wanted to do my eye-makeup, said that with my yellow complexion,I would look 10 times better if I applied gold eyeshadow underneath my usual smoky-brown. I agreed and my eyes sure looked much better. Dow had light green and darkbrown eye-makeup that compliment her real tan complexion.

We were hungry so we went to have brunch at the hotel restaurant and all white guests there looked at us.After we finished our brunch, a waiter came to give us 2 tall glasses of Irish coffee said from a secret admirer. I said thanks..but I told Dow we shouldn't drink anything from strangers. To be polite we said we would take our coffee to our room. No no no we didn't drink that Irish-coffees.

Dow came before me 1 day so she had to fly back after 4 days off and I was alone during the holidays. I went out to buy gifts for my family until my perdiem-money gone. I loved to walk when snow falling lighly!

My first Christmas,
yawares :heart:

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