A life like a rescue-pig

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A life like a rescue-pig

Post by hanzze_ » Sun May 27, 2012 4:03 pm

A life like a rescue-pig


Do you know people keeping pigs?
Why do people keep pigs? Because they like to gain profit from the pigs. That is why people keep pigs?

Do people who keep pigs slaughter pigs? Not always do they slaughter the pigs that they keep. Some also sell them when they are big and fat, because some just like to gain profit from the pig but do not like to hurt them. That is why some do not slaughter the pigs they keep, but however they benefit from the pig as it will be slaughtered.

Are there people who neither sell nor slaughter their pig? Yes, there are those who keep pigs to raise other pigs. They don’t like their pigs to be slaughtered or to be sold to be slaughter, but however they keep their pigs to raise pigs which will finally slaughtered as well.

Are there people who do eventually not harm pig in any way? Less people are there, who do not harm pigs. They do not keep pigs to gain indirect benefits and they do not request for meat form the pigs to gain direct benefit.

Supposed there is a pig keeper and he is no more able to feed his pig and he approaches one who does not like the pig to be harmed and begs him to take care of the pig till he is able to do it by him self again. What do you think that the one who does not like the pig to be harmed, should do?

If he says no, it might be that the pig will suffer or eventually die, as it wouldn’t get food. If he agrees, it will be, that if the pig keeper – when he has his ability again – comes back, he would request his share of the pigs back. So the one compassionate for the pig, would have feed the pig till the big slaughtering.

Wanting to help the pig, the pig must be loosening form his owner at last. There the question arises: Who is actually the owner of the pig? If we look at the pig, it stays by his owner unaffiliated. And if we observe more deeply, it is not involuntarily with its arbiter. Could it be that the pig keeper isn’t its real owner? But who or what does lead the pig to its suffering?

One might beat and kick a pig as he like; it will come back to its arbiter in any way. The owner of the pig is not really its arbiter but exclusively its own greed.

Whatever makes the pig in sum feeling well, will be its arbiter. How could the one - compassionate which the pig - be the new arbiter? In a way that he provides all for the pig what will kill it at least? In a way he leaves it by his owner? Even if he separates it a little from his owner, from greed, in a way he wean off of him, it will gain its owner, again as soon as it remembers on the pleasure experienced with its owner in the past. A small bucket full of pleasure, and its owner has it back.

If the pig would know what happens to it, it would be maybe a way, but its owner does not give a little change for this thoughts. It cling to its live and therefore it gorges and galls, till it has served its propose and others will share their previous effort on it hard-earned. The use and the user are a inseparably pair.

That is why the one – compassionate which the pig – is neither beloved by the arbiter nor by the pig, compassionate he will be rather very lonely in this world.

To big is the fear to lose what one mentions as good, commonly and near. Too small is the imagination that there is a live without an owner. Too much is the arbiter depending on the suffering of the pig and doesn’t even realize that he is owned and imprisoned like the pig.

The pig does not even have an idea of its situation and guesses even that it is safe and sound. It does not realize what craving actually means. It eats on mud and dirt, it sleeps on mud and dirt, it lives among what seems comfortable and bland. Even when another peewee is mashed; it feels free in its suffering.

Thought, it has some tendency to change its way of live, it does not get many results. The reason why the pig does not change its even next situation is, because the pig has a long body and is much too inflexible to realize that the dirt is originated from its own back. It feeds on the pleasure but is not able to see its effects on the back. The head, the mouth is too far away from its bottom.

The nature of the arbiter is the same as that of the pig; also he does just see what seams pleasant at this time. The body of his mindset is the same as the body of the pig. He also does not see the surrounding of suffering, the mud and dirt he stand on, and he loves his owner as well, as he watches that he will never be afraid of being encounter by freedom and independence.

In appreciating this heartbreakingly and touched, the one compassionate with the pig, is suddenly back part in the circle.

What a pigsty!

Coming out of it; all to gather; how should that be possible? Even with much patient and effort, one needs to feed on the suffering of the pig constantly. On its incorrigibility, on its back, walking such a "compassionate" way? I, piggy… for you I will do it, for you and for all of you alone… Lone?? ...caring about the owner just one’s own...? No, what a selfish pig! No...?

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Re: A life like a rescue-pig

Post by manas » Mon May 28, 2012 4:53 am

hi hanzze,

Karaṇīya Mettā Sutta
The Discourse on Loving-kindness

yantaṃ santaṃ padaṃ abhisamecca,

This is to be done by one skilled in aims
Who wants to break through to the state of peace:

Sakko ujū ca suhujū ca
suvaco cassa mudu anatimānī,

Be capable, upright, & straightforward,
Easy to instruct, gentle, & not conceited,

Santussako ca subharo ca
appakicco ca sallahuka-vutti,

Content & easy to support, with few duties, living lightly,

Santindriyo ca nipako ca
appagabbho kulesu ananugiddho.

With peaceful faculties, masterful, modest, & no greed for supporters.

Na ca khuddaṃ samācare kiñci
yena viññū pare upavadeyyuṃ.

Do not do the slightest thing that the wise would later censure.

Sukhino vā khemino hontu
sabbe sattā bhavantu sukhitattā.

Think: Happy & secure, may all beings be happy at heart.

Ye keci pāṇa-bhūtatthi
tasā vā thāvarā vā anavasesā,

Whatever beings there may be, weak or strong, without exception,

Dīghā vā ye mahantā vā
majjhimā rassakā aṇuka-thūlā,

Long, large, middling, short, subtle, blatant,

Diṭṭhā vā ye ca adiṭṭhā
ye ca dūre vasanti avidūre,

Seen or unseen, near or far,

Bhūtā vā sambhavesī vā
sabbe sattā bhavantu sukhitattā.

Born or seeking birth: May all beings be happy at heart.

Na paro paraṃ nikubbetha
nātimaññetha katthaci naṃ kiñci,

Let no one deceive another or despise anyone anywhere,

Byārosanā paṭīgha-saññā
nāññam-aññassa dukkham-iccheyya.

Or through anger or resistance wish for another to suffer.

Mātā yathā niyaṃ puttaṃ
āyusā eka-puttam-anurakkhe,

As a mother would risk her life to protect her child, her only child,

Evam-pi sabba-bhūtesu
māna-sambhāvaye aparimāṇaṃ.

Even so should one cultivate a limitless heart with regard to all beings.

Mettañca sabba-lokasmiṃ
māna-sambhāvaye aparimāṇaṃ,

With good will for the entire cosmos, cultivate a limitless heart:

Uddhaṃ adho ca tiriyañca
asambādhaṃ averaṃ asapattaṃ.

Above, below, & all around, unobstructed, without enmity or hate.

Tiṭṭhañ'caraṃ nisinno vā
sayāno vā yāvatassa vigatam-iddho,

Whether standing, walking, sitting, or lying down,
as long as one is alert,

Etaṃ satiṃ adhiṭṭheyya
brahmam-etaṃ vihāraṃ idham-āhu.

One should be resolved on this mindfulness.
This is called a sublime abiding here & now.

Diṭṭhiñca anupagamma
sīlavā dassanena sampanno,

Not taken with views, but virtuous & consummate in vision,

Kāmesu vineyya gedhaṃ,
Na hi jātu gabbha-seyyaṃ punaretīti.

Having subdued desire for sensual pleasures,
One never again will lie in the womb.

Then the Blessed One, picking up a tiny bit of dust with the tip of his fingernail, said to the monk, "There isn't even this much form...feeling...
perception...fabrications...consciousness that is constant, lasting, eternal, not subject to change, that will stay just as it is as long as eternity."

(SN 22.97)

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Re: A life like a rescue-pig

Post by hanzze_ » Mon May 28, 2012 5:03 am

Actually it's mostly very hypocritical, maybe that is the point. People have much desire for warm feelings but less desire to put the cause of non-metta an and.
This is to be done by one skilled in aims
Who wants to break through to the state of peace
Is a very important intro.

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