Sister Khema (& Bhante Vimalaramsi) - 2012 - Online Retreats

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Sister Khema (& Bhante Vimalaramsi) - 2012 - Online Retreats

Post by mirco » Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:40 pm

2. Online retreats one each month will be given for newbies to the practice mostly.... a total of Five.
None in September or October. The dates have been confirmed now.

The April 16-23 Retreat only has one more place left now.
May 11-20
Jun 8-17
Jul 14-22
Aug 10-19

One of these may be translated into Spanish also...." onclick=";return false;

ONLINE RETREAT SCHEDULE: These are always one week long.

The first online retreat will run from April 16 - April 23 for 10 people max.

Other retreats will follow after a break time. I will do as many as I can this spring. Please remember there is a lot of clean-up work still going on here (mostly small stuff now, but messy and we have to keep going with this) in the center and new building is happening too…

Please always be patient for our replies… we commit to answering you each day very carefully after we receive your comments. Advice is given by myself and often times Bhante is consulted too.

You may ask to be on a list , but, also, what we do is we try to get people who are new OR who have been trying this practice on their own without any routine guidance so they can learn the value of close in training as happened with the monks of the Buddha in the very beginning.

You have to do one to really understand the total benefits.

Many times a person does not notice their own shadow. The shadow I am speaking of is, in this case, their personal points of craving and clinging which cause the barriers in our meditation.

A trained guide can often catch how a person is falling off track by what they write in reports and from multiple experience with students, they can advise them how to get back on track just as quickly. The student learn problem—solution answers and keep them in mind for future meditations.

What are the requirements for an online retreat?

The requirements for this kind of online retreat are found on our website and I will put you down as one of these 10 for this first retreat until I hear otherwise from you.

What about Dana for online retreats?
Some people have asked me about this before. So here is the deal about this when attending any online retreat activities. We do not post any cost for this teaching. This is a personal thing. A participant may send any form of Dana following a retreat or do what they can do according to the value of what they have experienced and according to their conscience. This ranges from sending an encouraging note of appreciation, to sending something to help the Center keep growing (like a small Walmart or Lowes gift card), or sending a direct donation to paypal for use in the building program or supporting the monastics.
However, this is NOT mandatory and you should not feel badly about this if you are in bad economic straights. A smile, a note, and your happier life, spreading the word there is a way to easier mind, is enough reward for us all.
This IS how the Center grows worldside and keeps going and any form of generosity helps us continue this work.
This is how Buddhist Centers keep going.

Specifics for an online retreat:

You DO NOT have to sequester yourself to do this kind of retreat. In fact the idea of this form of retreat is to discover that you can KEEP WORKING while you are doing the meditation all the time in daily life! You will discover that MEDITATION is LIFE; LIFE is MEDITATION.

You are asked to make certain agreements as a student in this retreat. WE require you to:

- Agree to Cut out all CELL PHONE TALKING or TEXTING, TV, MUSIC, RADIO, NEWPAPERS, NEWS ITEMS (which are way depressing)--

- Take the REFUGES and PRECEPTS with us online as directed on the instruction page for the Online retreats and follow the reading for the DHAMMAPADA together with us online.

-Sit AT LEAST one time in the early morning for AT LEAST 30 minutes each day before going in to work ( after shower, dressing, and eating... so you can sit and then get up and go)

-Walk one time during the day, during a lunch break anywhere (maybe in a park?), continuing to do the loving kindness as you walk per instructions.

-FORGIVE everything that goes on during the day that has been annoying and Put Loving kindness into EVERYTHING you are doing as you work. Keep smiling.

-Continue smiling ALL THE TIME during the day..

- Agree to listen to one DHAMMA TALK as directed each night within the directed program.

- Write one report each day and email it to me and this can include ONE question about the practice.


Your daily report = you answer 3 questions each day:
1. How long was your best sitting time for the day?
2. How long were you able to stay with your spiritual friend before mind was pulled off of the object of meditation? (Estimate please 1,2,3 minutes? or so like that)
3. What did you do when that happened?

Then you answer the questions 2 and 3 in respect to when you walked with the meditation.

You may ask one question 'pertaining to your meditation' each day.

Retreat guides will comment back to you to keep you on track.

Also check out the address at" onclick=";return false;
for a full picture of what we do here....

That's about it for now.
Metta and smiles.
Sister Khema" onclick=";return false;
Dhamma Greetings all,

Its nice this was announced, however a note for you all about this program:

Please remember if you listen to this program that this mindfulness is very likely going to be referring to the gross level of mindfulness which has come to general acceptance without considering a more deeper level exists.

THe higher level of mindfulness relating directly to the Buddhist training in the texts refers more precisely to

"...Whenever you are doing ANYTHING, any task at all, what is MIND doing while you are doing that task in life? HOw does mind move without you bidding it to move?"

This higher level of understanding what mindfulness is then ties directly into meditation as being your vehicle for slowing down and then seeing directly HOW mind moves thereby revealing the the Four Noble Truths, Dependent Origination, and, the Three Characteristics of Existence in clear terms.

Please do not confuse the two forms of Mindfulness when you watch the program. Be certain that you can sort this out clearly as you listen and not get caught in the more general aspect of mindfulness.

This is really important. One leads into absorption. The other leads into aware jhana levels of completely waking up to what is going on.

Metta and smiles.
Rev. Sister Khema
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"An important term for meditative absorption is samadhi. We often translate that as concentration, but that can suggest a certain stiffness. Perhaps unification is a better rendition, as samadhi means to bring together. Deep samadhi isn't at all stiff. It's a process of letting go of other things and coming to a unified experience." - Bhikkhu Anālayo

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Re: Online Retreats - 2012 - Sister Khema & Bhante Vimalaramsi

Post by thansz » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:15 pm

Thanks for the information Micro!

Seems like a nice opportunity to integrate a more rigorous practice with one's everyday life. I have also read some of Bhante V's works and he makes some interesting points.

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