Translation of a Pali text

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Translation of a Pali text

Post by itri2002 » Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:45 pm


My daughter is learning Sri Lankan dance from the up-country (Kandyan dance).

They start the dance with a gāthāva :

mērun virājita saman - viya buddha rājan
śrī danta sāgara saman - viya dhamma rājan
satkula pabbata saman - viya saṃgha rājan
śrī buddha dhamma guṇa saṃgha varaṃ namāmī

I have no knowledge of Pali, a little of Sinhalese... I can find the different words in the on-line dictionaries but I have trouble understanding the whole exact meaning.
When I asked the dance teacher about the meaning, she said it is a religious text. This I figured out! :smile:

Does anyone know if an English translation can be found somewhere ?


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Re: Translation of a Pali text

Post by yamaka » Mon Dec 12, 2011 8:36 am

Kind of veneration to the triple gems,

It looks like more on a Sinhalese than Pali.


mērun(?) virājita(Shone) saman(?) - viya(as) buddha(Buddha) rājan(king)
śrī(To address?) danta(Trained) sāgara(Ocean) saman(?) - viya(as) dhamma(truth) rājan(King)
satkula(?) pabbata( mountain) saman - viya(as) saṃgha(The order) rājan
śrī buddha dhamma guṇa(Virtue)) saṃgha(The Order) varaṃ(better) namāmī(Venerate)

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