How to change old behavioral patterns?

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Re: How to change old behavioral patterns?

Post by Cilla » Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:04 pm

That's fascinating befriend. YOu say it wasn't OCD? just "OCD like symptoms". Do you think this would work for someone who actually had OCD? I mean, i don't but i do talk to people who have it and i am interested in all mental health issues.

btw hand washing can be a severe symptom. It depends on how often you end up having to wash your hands and how often you are delayed from doing what you have to do. People who have this symptom, when severe find it extremely distressing and extremely disruptive in their lives. It seems the cause is actually a wiring problem in the brain. It would be quite hard to distract yourself from the thoughts that make you want to wash your hands obsessively.

Probably what you are talking about is more of an anxiety related symptom. I have experienced those once that i can recall. It past of its own accord.

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Re: How to change old behavioral patterns?

Post by befriend » Thu Oct 06, 2011 6:44 pm

tell them to buy the book Brain Lock. it changed my life from hell to heaven. this book is FOR people specifically for OCD, but can help people with many other problems too. the author is actually a buddhist, but doesnt say so in the book. it has nothing to do with buddhist meditation or anything buddhist. none of my therapists said i would ever get better. ever. now i have a job doing what i love, am going to work with people with OCD and other mental issues, and show other people how to do metta. tell them about this book. they say it takes up to two months to get better at best maybe longer. it took me about 24 hours. metta. befriend
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Re: How to change old behavioral patterns?

Post by Cilla » Fri Oct 07, 2011 6:22 am

Ok thanks befriend. I shall pass it on. Hopefully it will help some of them.

Befriend, i wonder if you have heard of the book called Mindfulness in Plain English. If you have read it can you say how it compares with the book you refer to.

If you haven't read it, you might get hold of a copy and see how you think that meditation helps your symptoms. Or i could jsut ask you this anyway but i don't know anything about your meditation practice. the book i mention, it seems to me would help iwth OCD symptoms. I mean a practice following this approach which is theravada i believe anyway. Its just that this book is very clear.

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Re: How to change old behavioral patterns?

Post by wizi » Mon Oct 10, 2011 1:50 pm

Soe Win Htut wrote:Please do not reject nor indulge the old behavioral patterns.

In fact, old behavioral patterns are arising from mind-creation or mind actions.

So Abandon the mind-action(the attitude) of emphasizing and centering the old behavioral patterns as reality and importance by remembering the truth of old behavioral patterns or created truths again and again.

The truth of old behavioral patterns or created truths is that the old behavioral patterns or created truths are NOT FOR attaching, thinking and confirming as reality or real existence because old behavioral patterns and created truths are impermanent, unsatistactory and non-self.

Listen & follow the below mp3 talks regularly till the old habit you want to change is changed. ... talk_05-11" onclick=";return false;
Hi Soe,

Rejecting and indulging the old behavioral patterns or Created Truths seems like what I am currently going through.

There are moments I lapse to my Created Truths and moments where I am aware of my Created Truths and have to fight an internal mind-battle to reject it.

I like the talks you have posted..... :thumbsup:
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