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Re: Boredom

Post by dhamma_disciple » Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:11 pm

thanks all for your discussion and input!

Discussion seems to point out that when the feeling of boredom occupies the mind, it is akusula and rooted in moha as a minimum. What I am gathering from this thread is that It could be rooted in restlessness and also dosa, or associated with sloth and torpor. Overall the common thread in these possibilities is akusula.

If that is the case...then I happy to come away with, boredom manifested by akusula cittas as the conclusion.

To explain my intentions...
That being so when boredom arise in my mind It can help me be mindful that this is an akusula state of mind for daily practice. Though....unsurprising though when in mindfulness i don't feel bore anymore...

ty ty

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