satipatthana proto-text

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satipatthana proto-text

Postby Sacha G » Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:22 am

Hi there
For those who didn't read a "history of mindfulness" by bhiikhu sujato, here are some topics which I found particularly interesting.
1°) The satipatthana sutta was originally in the samyutta nikaya, but moved later to the majjhima and the digha nikayas, because those books had no mentioning of the 4 Establishments of Mindfulness.
2°) Some parts were added in this process, to make the text longer:
- the sati of the body concerned only the parts of the body (not the breath etc.)
- there was non mentioning of the contemplation of impermanence
- the part on the dhammas mentioned only the 5 hindrances and the 7 factors of enlightenment
3°) Clear comprehension (sampajana) was distinct of mindfulness (sati), and was either in the beginning of the text (i.e before the 4 establishments of mindfulness) or even not in the text.
4°) The 4 establishments of mindfulness were more a preparation to jhana than to vipassana.
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Re: satipatthana proto-text

Postby mikenz66 » Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:50 am

Hi Sacha G,

It's helpful to give links if you are going to start a discussion:

A History Of Mindfulness - Bhikkhu Sujato

Other links here:


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