"Theravāda for Beginners"

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"Theravāda for Beginners"

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Effective immediately, the Discovering Theravāda forum has been renamed Theravāda for Beginners to bring it into closer alignment to the tagline definition of the forum.

In recent times, we've had too many topics started in that section which would be better suited to the General Theravāda section, or even Classical Theravāda. Many of these questions have been quite advanced and by virtue of the different perspectives that exist on more complicated matters, there has been more of an inclination for people to provide their personal perspectives than responses indicative of the Theravāda tradition. Making this change allows us to tighten up the approval process a bit.

Ideally, the change should benefit:

- Beginners or members of other traditions, asking questions, who are now more likely to receive definitive answers to their questions
- Regular members, who will find less of their contributions subject to moderator approval (by virtue of more topics occurring outside the TFB section)
- Moderators, who no longer need to review and approve individual posts on ill-placed topics.

As such, some existing topics may be moved to more appropriate forums by moderators.

If you're a more experience member of this forum, who would still like to hear the "definitive" Theravāda perspective on certain matters, I recommend starting a topic in the Classical Theravāda section.

Thank you.

Paul. :)
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