Change to Tos2c / New ToS2i

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Change to Tos2c / New ToS2i

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Effective immediately, we are making some modifications to the Terms of Service. These are not radical changes, but they are changes in emphasis in order to clarify expectations upon members, so it would be appreciated if you would take the time to digest the following.

Firstly, we are changing ToS2c from...
2c. Language or subject matter inappropriate to minors
2c. Unnecessarily explicit language or imagery
The primary reason for this is that we have historically had discussions here at Dhamma Wheel that relate to matters of sex, tantra, masturbation, infidelity, pornography, drug use, and so on, which may be considered "inappropriate to minors", but are entirely legitimate subjects of discussion in the context of the Dhamma, to the extent that they relate to sila, precepts, meditation, the patimokkha etc. and can be undertaken with maturity.

Therefore, this change simply brings the wording of ToS2c in line with the historical precedent that has been set - providing clarity and alignment to members and moderators alike.

Secondly, we're introducing ToS2i...
2i. Posts that are not mindful of the current topic, as defined in the initial post
Whilst, Section 2 has previously allowed for "any subject matter that may be off-topic or is intended to cause disruption or harm may be removed without notice", this provision makes it very clear that tangential discussion that is "not mindful of the current topic" may be split into a new topic, or even removed altogether. This post from budo, gives you an indication of the type of situations we're hoping to avoid, through the introduction of ToS2i...
budo wrote:My only issue is that a subject of conversation cannot be maintained due to thread derailing/hijacking.

Take for example my jhana thread I created with the intention of finding like minded individuals to help eachother develop jhanas. Instead the thread got brigaded by people who

- Do not believe in Buddhism
- Do not believe in Samatha
- Do not believe Jhana is useful
- Do not believe Jhana is possible in this lifetime

How can anything productive happen if people are allowed to convert any thread into an argument. If my thread was respected then people could exchange advice to help eachother grow instead of being backtracked by doubters who are trying to reinvent Buddhism and the wheel.

There needs to be a new subforum for Jhana practice which is for serious meditators and invite only, to prevent keyboard warriors and internet "scholars" from derailing and hijacking the thread, and trying to keep everyone down and unenlightened.
If you have any questions about either of these provisions, or any other aspect of the Terms of Service, please do not hesitate to contact me or another member of staff.

Thank you.

Paul. :)
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