Terms of Service amendment regarding Speech & Intention

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Terms of Service amendment regarding Speech & Intention

Post by retrofuturist » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:11 pm


The Intention of the forum remains unchanged...
1. Intention wrote:Dhamma Wheel is an environment for the discussion of Theravada Buddhism. Special forums have been created for special areas of interest so please respect these boundaries.

Members are expected to self-moderate, being mindful of the adage that 'behaviour breeds behaviour'. Mutual respect and friendliness should be the basis of all interactions...
Likewise, the forum's position on autonomy remains unchanged...
4. Mindfulness wrote:At Dhamma Wheel, we respect your intellectual and spiritual autonomy. As such, the staff here will not enforce reverence to anyone or anything, nor censor speech gratuitously...
But we have added a new clause on any Speech which is deemed to violate the Intention of this forum...
2. Speech wrote:Any subject matter that may be off-topic or is intended to cause disruption or harm may be removed without notice. This includes, but is not restricted to:...

2g. Attacks against the Buddha, Dhamma, or Sangha, which violate the Intention of this forum (See Section 1. Intention for details).

So, you may critique the Buddha, Dhamma or Sangha where you feel there is legitimate grounds for doing so, but such speech must remain cognizant of the fact that "Dhamma Wheel is an environment for the discussion of Theravada Buddhism". If your contributions are deemed simply to be opposing, resisting and/or diminishing those aspects of the Triple Gem, then you are not adhering to the intention of this forum, and your speech will be deemed a violation of the Terms of Service.

We hope this approach will serve as a successful "middle way" between the two extremes of:

- Laissez-faire free speech
- Policing "thought-crimes"

We welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Paul. :)
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Re: Terms of Service amendment regarding Speech & Intention

Post by binocular » Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:28 am

It was about time for such an update!
This is a Buddhist forum, so it should actually be Buddhist.

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