Ordination/meditation self-course opportunity Myanmar

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Ordination/meditation self-course opportunity Myanmar

Post by Ben » Thu Dec 03, 2015 3:04 am

Reposted for my friend, Phyu Wint Yee
To all my dear friends and family in Dhamma,

This year is fifty years anniversary Sayagi U Ba Khin ordained under the guidance of Webu Sayadawgyi at Inn Gyin Pin monastery. U Ba Khin is always mentioned as his Dhamma father by SN Goenkaji.
I would like to invite all,who would like to ordain and practice self meditation course at Inn Gyin Pin monastery free of charge.
Our Compassionate Travels Myanmar will sponsor and donate all your necessities to ordain as a monk or nuns.
Please share this message with your friends.
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Re: Ordination/meditation self-course opportunity Myanmar

Post by anthbrown84 » Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:10 am

Very interesting!

is this temporary ordination?
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