Right acknowledgement and sharing awareness

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Right acknowledgement and sharing awareness

Postby perkele » Sat Jul 20, 2013 6:42 pm

Right acknowledgement and sharing awareness

Here I would like to raise the topic of right acknowledgement and sharing awareness of good deeds done.

I think this is a very important topic to be aware of, which, when regularly used with mindfulness, can bring about much support, much growth in good things, right acknowledgement and wholesome awareness.

Giving right acknowledgement to things well given, well said, well done is of much support and helpfulness. It brings great happiness! :smile:

Many good things are being done here in this place continually. But they happen so fast and we might not often find the possibility to rightly acknowledge in the fast pace of things going on.

So this might be a place to slow down from time to time and reflect where to give right acknowledgement, gratitude and to share all our wholesome awareness with joy and relief.

Because it may well happen and really often is the case, that one might lose an opportunity to show right gratitude. And many people are very aware of it, and continually looking for opportunities to show right gratitude and acknowledgement, to work for a friendly and supportive atmosphere all around.
And of course, these people should always be thanked and acknowledged.
This is only very natural in such a fast-paced place, and really no need to regret if one just cannot find the possibility as long as one really tries, since the possibilities are really scarce for some in many situations in such a natural chaos of many people sharing their perspectives.
Of course, many people skillfully show right gratitude and acknowledgement here very often and very appropriately. But it can mostly only be on a very personal level, and also has to be done fast when the temperature is hot, and really not possible for everyone to acknowledge sincerely.

So I thought it would be very good and helpful to instate such a public place here to share gratitude and acknowledgement to the public with much consideration and sincerity and time for reflection.
It may be a great helpful retreat also for fighters to step out of hot situations sometimes.

We are all here to learn and share.

And it may be a place also for the more gentle voices to skillfully teach the fighters by sharing their wholesome awareness in a place protected by this sincere dedication, that they may be able to pay right acknowledgement to that as well.

And really, we must also learn to pay right respect to "outsiders" as well. Since although they may have unpleasent things to say, it may well be that they have something valuable to share, and thereby find relief when it is at least rightly acknowledged. So also such voices should here tried to be acknowledged rightly with the appropriate sincere consideration of sharing wholesome awareness.

Giving a welcoming accomodation for everyone to share wholesome awareness.

Of course, this is not to ask for right acknowledgement, but to give right acknowledgement. And awareness should always be shared here with such intention.

Step by step good conditions grow, even out of much noise. Gratitude is always important for growth of good things, for really seeing where we are, in our own sphere, and what we are doing, and what others are doing around us, and sharing awareness there with gratitude and respect.

So, I will try this now.

Please help me. :smile: Thanks.

Don't be too soft with me. Silly pride has to be killed. I want to reastablish right honor here, and share this gift as a goodbye.


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Re: Right acknowledgement and sharing awareness

Postby binocular » Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:58 am

On principle, a subforum could be created for a similar purpose that in monasteries they have regular sessions where the monks openly say what they have to say to eachother, especially the critical things and the hurts and offenses.

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Re: Right acknowledgement and sharing awareness

Postby Aloka » Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:59 am

binocular wrote:On principle, a subforum could be created for a similar purpose that in monasteries they have regular sessions where the monks openly say what they have to say to eachother, especially the critical things and the hurts and offenses.

As many of us are strangers on the internet and maybe at different levels of understanding, isn't there a possibilty that arguments could develop through discussion of that which is perceived to be critical or offensive from each other ? Its also not quite the same as a much smaller community of monks talking to each other face-to-face about life in a monastery.

Wouldn't it be better to discuss misunderstandings using the PM system ?

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