Meditation retreat with Ajahn Chandako in Norway June 2013

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Meditation retreat with Ajahn Chandako in Norway June 2013

Post by Skogskloster » Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:48 pm

The Norwegian Forest Monastery Buddhist Society are pleased to announce a 10 - day meditation retreat with Ajahn Chandako: "The Beauty of Cessation"
This year our 10-day-long summer retreat will be held from the 7th until the 16th of June. Venue is Gausdal camp, located in Åmot Modum, around 90 minutes drive from Oslo. The theme is described by Ajahn Chandako: "The theme of this year's retreat is cessation-the end of the world. What did the Buddha say about the end of the world? What constitutes the world in the eyes of an Awakened One? What comes to an end? What ceases? And in the end, who or what is there to know that something has ceased? Cessation is a key feature of the Buddhist Path right from the beginning, and the beauty of cessation is the deep peace in your heart that comes with simplicity and letting go of burden."

All participants must maintain noble silence throughout the retreat. Ajahn Chandako will however give dhammatalks and meditation instructions in English. The retreat will run at cost price to the participants and the price will be around 4000 NOK per person, which includes meals and accommodation for the whole retreat. To register, please send an e-mail to

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