Please beware of Manopubbangama sock puppet accounts

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Please beware of Manopubbangama sock puppet accounts

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Please note that Manopubbangama has been banned for (amongst other things) a slew of fake "sock puppet" accounts over recent days.

We don't normally announce suspensions and bannings, but in the case of a serial "sock puppet" creator, we put the word out so you can be informed of the possibility that an unfamiliar member may be attempting to deceive you, about who they actually are.

If you suspect a member is a Manopubbangama sock puppet, please report the post in question, or send a quick PM to a member of staff. We ask that you don't confront the member about your suspicions in the topic itself, as such meta-discussion could de-rail the topic, and we would like to avoid the unpleasantness of potentially false accusations.

Thank you for your assistance.

Paul. :)
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