Moha, lobha & dosa and work

Balancing family life and the Dhamma, in pursuit of a happy lay life.
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Re: Moha, lobha & dosa and work

Post by bhante dhamma » Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:55 pm

Apannakaṃ samaññeva seyo ti
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Re: Moha, lobha & dosa and work

Post by cookiemonster » Thu Dec 05, 2019 2:55 pm

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Its simply not possible long term, ur drive for lay life will continue to diminish and u have passed beyond layman stage mentally or going to which means u will hav to enter the order or soon i think as if u want the drive again to succeed then u must see beings are inherent self and compete urself for job, develop ‘I want to be successful thought and work’ which means u have to go back to non buddhist views back. U can still operate in mundane world by following buddhas path of higher rebirth which means u do good things like social service, compassion in normal life towards ur family etc and aim for higher rebirth but when u seen anica and annata u have already crossed that path as u saw futility in heavens too which means its hard to get back to normal life as u dont understand the cycle is weary there is no real acheivement other than escaping it as even if u go heaven its anicca so i think u should speak with monks and see what u need to do as im also layman and i may not be good suggestion giver
Thank you for sharing. Your post & the others here in this thread helped me identify the exact nature of my difficulty.

I realize all lay work involves various degrees of moha, lobha, and dosa ... so I think my main problem is that things are especially difficult in this postmodern day and age where men and women are asked to face an aggressively changing economic environment that promotes ever more aggressive levels of moha, lobha, and dosa. It is also now almost impossible for a layman to work in & master one job or profession for/through our whole life, as it used to be in history. The pace of change for the worse, especially enabled by technology, is going exponential, and I find that the amount of conscious attention such ongoing change requires from me is robbing me of the small amount time I have to formally practice Dhamma, and I am at a loss at how to handle it effectively as a layman.
U r right as in todays world if u want to be stable at job thn u have to be at ur very best compared to others. Compony hired best applicant so if someone is doing better then ur job is doubtful even if u perform well. Some people lie and frame other just to keep their job and some even kill others (competitiors for them) so it arises due to self and experience of self but at same time even if u know non self u still need money to survive and money comes from job where u face others so the problem is less job and more population hence the best thing is u have to follow good values and do job and if ur job requires u to do bad things the u can leave job snd can die in hunger. Doing job wont gaurantee happiness but following dhamma even if life is at sake is advised but we layman still have wanting and attachment so we are scared to die but not scared to do bad things like small lying, subtle jealosuly, no sympethttic joy on enimies or strangers, partially developed metta etc
Yes, that is a big part of the dilemma for me!

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