Uncle wants to move in...

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Uncle wants to move in...

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Hi everyone,

Recently it seems that my uncle has lost his house, so now he's planning on moving in with my dad, my sister, and myself for a couple of months. None of us feel too good about it. My sister and I suspect that it's because my dad would feel bad about saying no.

My uncle has a history with drugs and going to jail, and whenever he's been here for a holiday he gets drunk and becomes more obnoxious than he already is. So he's not really the person I'd want to live with. Besides that, my family is already somewhat dysfunctional and the house just doesn't have much space.

I also have some anxiety about my personal belongings and space; my bedroom doesn't have a real door and has the first floor bathroom, so in the past my uncle has just barged in while I'm sleeping to use the bathroom. I also have some expensive things like a computer, books, cameras, that I'm worried about him messing with.

While I'm all for being kind and compassionate, I have difficulties with people of this sort of character. They make me uncomfortable and living with one seems like it's going to be a nightmare, not just for me but for the whole household.

Wondering how I should approach this issue?
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Re: Uncle wants to move in...

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Why not move out, if you can afford to do so? What do you do for a living? If you could do that, you'd have your own place and not have to deal with the drama. It's a great freedom, if you can afford it, that is.

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Re: Uncle wants to move in...

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You could try to hide your property. You could tell your father you don't feel safe around him and state your boundaries. You could mention if your personal space or property is violated you will call the police. If your family situation is too dysfunctional for that kind of communication to make a difference, maybe it is time to move if you can.

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Re: Uncle wants to move in...

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Before you sleep, put pins on the floor by your door.
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