Can we stay neutral

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Re: Can we stay neutral

Post by No_Mind » Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:14 am

SarathW wrote:
Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:15 am
When Chines invaded Tibet, many Tibetans took a neutral position.
The result is that Chinese took control over Tibet.
The question is what would have happened if Tibetans took a strong opposition.
Many Tibetans would have died the same way many civilians died in Iraq war.
Passive resistance such as used by Gandhi is the best weapon.
This needs some correction.

Gandhi could become Gandhi because he was fighting against the British and not Stalin or Hitler.

As far as being colonised goes, India was blessed with the "gentlest" colonising power, who on the whole did not do much damage except economic exploitation.

If Gandhi was doing the same thing against Stalin or Hitler .. on Day 1 he would have faced the firing squad (and rest of his family too)

In a nutshell, Gandhi could be a Gandhian because the British were educated, civil and polite enough to allow him to be a Gandhian.

What if our colonisers were the French .. this is what they did when their colonies wanted independence following WW II - killed 5,000 Algerians in 1947 followed by 50,000 Malagasy in 1948 .. how would Gandhi have fared against such people?

Being passive against the Chinese means they are going to have you for breakfast .. which is what they have done with Tibet .. not only occupied it but made it an integral part of China .. the nation called Tibet will henceforth only exist in history books.

Indigenous Tibetans now identify themselves as Chinese (who wants a bunch of yellow hat monks spouting hard to understand sutras as their ruler anyway)

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