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No News Is Good News (or "How to opt out of the News, Current Events & Politics section")

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:26 pm
by retrofuturist
Greetings all,

The creation of the "News, Current Events & Politics" section means that we can now contain and compartmentalise discussion related to News, Current Events & Politics. Siphoning such topics out of the "Lounge" means that your experiences in the Lounge section, can now be more casual and relaxed.

Furthermore, we both understand and respect that certain people may, in the interests of sense restraint, not wish to see topics relating to News, Current Events & Politics when coming to this forum. As such, we allow all members to (temporarily or permanently) "opt out" of the "News, Current Events & Politics" section.

If you would like to do this, it should be possible for you to do it via self-service by going to:

> User Control Panel > Usergroups > Joining the "No News Is Good News" group

Similarly, to restore your access to the "News, Current Events & Politics" section, simply remove yourself from that usergroup.

If you have any troubles with this process, please contact an administrator via PM and we will be happy to help you.

Lastly, because participation in the News, Current Events & Politics section is now entirely optional (and won't even show up in your "Active Topics" search, if you opt out), please refrain from meta-discussion in the form of complaining about the existence of such topics here at Dhamma Wheel. If they are burdensome to you personally, simply opt out.

Thank you.

Paul. :)