One thing I like about DW, and this forum section in particular

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One thing I like about DW, and this forum section in particular

Post by Pseudobabble » Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:50 pm

There are many different political positions here on DW, many different shades.

Which is very often a recipe for argumentation. And there is certainly argumentation here.

I think we are all sometimes guilty of being insensitive to the other's perspective. I certainly am. And I say this as someone who sees over-sensitivity as something like a debilitating disease.


In basically every thread, even the acrimonious ones, I see people being thoughtful, considering the points, doing research, and generally behaving like adults ought to behave. If you go to some other places on the interwebs, you don't find such behaviour. Here on DW, even those who have fundamentally opposed views on things, who could each probably never convince the other, there is very little in the way of ugliness. Disagreements are treated with dispassion (most of the time).

I take my hat off to you other Wheelers, because as far as political, cultural, social (etc) debates and disagreements go, everyone conducts themselves admirably, in my view, relative to the behaviour I see elsewhere.

Just my $0.02
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