Killing and Corruption in Sri Lanka

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Re: Killing and Corruption in Sri Lanka

Post by iforgotmyname » Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:13 pm

alan wrote:Should I go there?
Not looking to ordain, just take some pretty pictures, and enjoy the experience. This post makes me want to stay away.
Absolutely go there... I painted a bleak picture but it is safe for Tourists, the things I mentioned are to do with politics and a few bad apples who go over the line... so something messed up happening to something like 3 out of literally about 1,000,000 tourists that come here annually is nothing to be worried about. If you're with family I recommend you get on a tour package - if you're with friends or on your own, there are plenty of budget places out there but then you better brush up on local customs (your street smarts) and just avoid shady places and people as you would do anywhere else in the World and you should be just fine! :)


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