Local Florists in Thailand

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Local Florists in Thailand

Postby LG2V » Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:34 pm

Hey everyone,

I want to order flowers for puja at one of the Thai temples, ideally Wat Asokaram or Wat Pho. I live in The United States, and I figured that I could leverage the USD to purchase a huge amount of flowers for puja and merit in Thailand.

I've been told that one can easily get dozens of flowers in Thailand for only several dollars. However, most of the online flower delivery shops that I visit give prices that are similar to flower delivery prices in The United States ($32 - $67 for a flower bundle, on average.). Does someone here know a local florist in the Bangkok or Samut Prakan areas that I can contact in order to get more of a local price? Thank you.
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