Some ATI in Portuguese (Accesso ao Insight)

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Some ATI in Portuguese (Accesso ao Insight)

Post by Samana Johann 1 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 11:41 pm

Dedicated for the Noble Sangha, represented by the Sangha of monastic disciples and the follower of the Buddhas Savakas, generously given initialization by Upasaka Danilo.

Accesso ao Insight

Sabedoria acima de Justiça

Working place

May all capable rejoice and participate in the merits, may the Devas inform those who did not come in touch yet.

It's not clear if the possibility to take on form here is given, so also this post might be made on merely uncomfortable trust. Please don't be shy to make remark as well as to do what ever with the post you might be inspired to. Key is found here. May it be, how ever, understood as Dhamma-Dana toward the Sangha of Buddhas Savakas and those following them and not thought for any kind of trade or exchange for low purpose for the world. Feel also always welcome here.

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