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Glossary SuttaCentral in Portuguese

Post by Lucas Oliveira » Thu Dec 01, 2016 4:27 pm

Glossary SuttaCentral

Gabriel Laera is a contributor to the site and is in need of help with revising entries in a Pali-Portuguese glossary for the site. SuttaCentral is a Tipitaka translation platform for many languages, and thanks to Gabriel's efforts there are many suttas and Vinaya texts translated into Portuguese and available for consultation. He is now in need of volunteers with some knowledge of English, good knowledge of Dhamma, and familiarity with the suttas to help review the translation of pāli words into Portuguese (taking the English translation as a point of reference). Those who can help, contact him through his Facebook page or through the SuttaCentral forum (his user is "gnlaera").

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I participate in this forum using Google Translator.

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