The teachings of Ven. Waharaka Abhayaratanalankara Thero

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Re: The teachings of Ven. Waharaka Abhayaratanalankara Thero

Post by retrofuturist » Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:20 pm

Greetings Lal,

Wishing you all the best with your recovery.

Paul. :)
"The uprooting of identity is seen by the noble ones as pleasurable; but this contradicts what the whole world sees." (Snp 3.12)

"It is natural that one who knows and sees things as they really are is disenchanted and dispassionate." (AN 10.2)

“Truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” (Flannery O'Connor)

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Re: The teachings of Ven. Waharaka Abhayaratanalankara Thero

Post by Sam Vara » Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:51 am

I've just caught up with this thread, having had some time away. I'm wishing you all the best for a speedy and successful recovery, Lal.

:heart: :anjali:

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Re: The teachings of Ven. Waharaka Abhayaratanalankara Thero

Post by Lal » Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:27 pm

Thank you very much, Paul and Sam!

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Re: The teachings of Ven. Waharaka Abhayaratanalankara Thero

Post by Coëmgenu » Fri Apr 12, 2019 12:41 am

Lal wrote:
Mon Apr 08, 2019 6:44 pm
It has been 3 weeks since I underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor in the frontal lobe. I just wanted to provide an update and to thank everyone for having such “compassionate thoughts”
I had no idea. I am glad you managed to recover. Many are not so lucky and many end with serious disabilities that would prevent them from even posting on a Web forum, simple as that may seem.

I am glad that your practise has enabled you to overcome this trial and that your karma has allowed you to continue your endeavour. We have our disagreements, some of them strong, but I am glad that you are here to post given the alternative.
Like this is the uncreated, like this is that which is difficult to realize, with no moving, no bending, no dying. Utterly lacking secretions and smothered in the dark, it is the island shore. Where there is ferrying, it is the crossing. It is dependency's ceasing, it is the end of circulating transmissions. It is the exhaustion of the flame, it is the ending of the burning. Flowing openly, pure and cool, with secret subtlety, and calm occultation, lacking ailment, lacking owning, nirvāṇa.
Asaṁskṛtadharmasūtra, Sermon on the Uncreated Phenomenon, T99.224b7, Saṁyuktāgama 890

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Re: The teachings of Ven. Waharaka Abhayaratanalankara Thero

Post by Lal » Fri Apr 12, 2019 1:16 pm

Thank you, Coëmgenu!

Yes. It could have been worse. But I have no illusions. This physical body is subjected to the “anicca nature”, and anything can happen anytime. I may get hit by a car and die today.

We know that Ven. Moggallana was beaten to death. He got away from the attackers a few times using his abhinna powers, but then realized that it was inevitable due to a strong kamma vipaka from the past. Even the Buddha had back pains and some other ailments until the death of his physical body.

As long as there is a jati (meaning a physical body associated with the mental body), there will be “jara, marana, soka, parideva, dukkha, domanassa, upayasa”, or the “whole mass of suffering”. That is how suffering is defined in Paticca Samuppada or even in the first sutta: Dhammacakkappavattana sutta.

Thus even an Arahant will have to undergo some suffering due to past kamma, as long as his/her physical body is alive. All suffering ends only after the death of the physical body of an Arahant.

“Nibbanic bliss” is not a “sukha vedana” as some people believe. It is the absence of even a trace of suffering. And that is possible ONLY when any birth in any of the 31 realms in this world is stopped from arising. All births (jati) in the 31 realms of this world are associated with at least a trace of a physical body (it is just a suddhashtaka -- or the smallest unit of matter -- in the arupavacara brahma realms).
- Sukha vedana arise due to a physical body. However, there is a heavy price to pay for that sukha vedana, in terms of dukha vedana. This is easiest to see when people do immoral things to get sukha vedana.
- The "net effect" of having a physical body is much more suffering than any temporary sukha vedana. This is the hardest part for most people to understand.

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