Wrong way to practice Anapanasati.

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Re: Wrong way to practice Anapanasati.

Post by SarathW » Fri Aug 17, 2018 10:19 pm

:goodpost: DD
This OP is the result of listening to the following video by Ven. Kumara Kassapa. (Sinhalese language)
Basically, the view of Kumara Kassapa was similar to your understanding.
Just to recap the main thing what I learn here was the differentiation of (i) physical body kaya; (ii) breath kaya; & (iii) nama-kaya (mind).
The objective of Anapanasati is to separate the breath body from the physical body hence the practitioner should not keep attention to any body parts.
Perhaps even the tip of the nose. But my problem here is how to apply simile of the Saw to this.

Another interesting thing is Anapanasati also the Satipathana according to Ven. KK.
However, in that case, Kaya means the breath Kaya. Feeling means the feeling of the breath.
I may be wrong please continue the discussion.
I like to see the input from @Lal as he understands Sinhalese.

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Re: Wrong way to practice Anapanasati.

Post by auto » Tue Aug 21, 2018 3:19 pm

if i breath in or out there is a sensational backlash what i feel and when i started out it wasn't really discernable very faint, over the years breath has become substantial.
Cultivating these faint sensations at the in and out breath pause moments when there is a change from in breath to out breath and vice versa. In one case the sensation is in head and in out breath it is in belly, body.

but there definitely is a substantial sensation what is stimulated by regular in and outbreath. Mind connects to it if it is recognizeable enough, also the substance can be pressed with intent and force from belly havign a effect like adrealine rush or something making sight clear.

also self identification is important, it comes straight at you and can cause substance liberation from heart at eh moment when breath has ceased or is ceased. There is a change when you stop breath, becoming aware of yourself isn't possible without that change happen, so it is easy to not mistake for fabricational self identification. And its not possibel to do at the beginning, or when you have just done it, perhaps its locked behind the sankaras.

its all possible bc of celibacy. Since the sexual energy is led into upper layers after certain power up in belly in half dream state what are strong winds causing similar effect what you feel from swinging or driving fast and down fro ma hill, i guess its you capture G-force into belly, that will cause sensual energy rise and certain things happen till perception arises in a dream and in waking state you can recognize it and then contain sensual energy by connecting your mind to it..

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