Ego confusion?

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Re: Ego confusion?

Post by davidbrainerd » Sat Aug 06, 2016 5:28 am

I find the word ego confusing, because its so hard to tell if someone is using it in its technical Freudian psychology sense or some very loose pop psychology sense, which means ultimately it doesn't effectively convey whatever its supposed to be conveying. And equating "ego", "I", and "self" I don't think is exactly accurate. To Freud, the ego is only 1 of 3 parts that makes the self. So if you're translating "self" into Freudian "ego," or vice versa, that's gonna get confusing. Some people by "ego" mean a sort of carnal mindedness, concerned with worldly gain. Others mean merely "self" ... and that makes it confusing too. Basically, I think the word "ego" has outlived its usefulness and become almost a meaningless buzzword. I realize this doesn't qualify as an answer the question, just a confession that I don't understand the question because I'm confused on how "ego" is being used here. :embarassed:

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Re: Ego confusion?

Post by practitioner » Sat Aug 20, 2016 3:16 pm

Had I seen this post earlier I would have suggested what sarahw suggested.

In the beginning of October 2015 I focused on mental noting and body scan vipassana; however, as I found more PDFs and read more I started to incorporate anapanasati, satipatthana, dhamma reading, and the practice of dhamma teaching.

I stopped body scan because the technique was not agreeing with the outcome. My mind was getting noiser the more I body scan. I dont think a lot of sensations are natural, instead, are remembered sensations. After 3 months of deterriorating results, I quit body scan and stuck with anapanasati only. I also notice that body scan doesnt lead to first stage enlightenment for assistant teacher who has practiced 30 years of body scan. It doesnt mean that it cannot but there is a tendency to think that enlightenment can be attained by a special technique. One just needs to master the technique.

In my humble opinion, sitting meditation is just a pracrice that helps but is not enough. The practice has to be of a totality that includes 18 hours of non stop practice, if you only need 6 hpurs of sleep. 18 just means your awaking hours which coud be more or less.

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