Jhana Practice and Study Group With Richard Shankman

The cultivation of calm or tranquility and the development of concentration
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Jhana Practice and Study Group With Richard Shankman

Post by marc108 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:28 am

Jhana Practice and Study Group - You Can Participate Locally or Remotely

A Series of Monthly Daylong Meetings for Deepening Concentration, Mindfulness & Insight

With Richard Shankman and guest teachers Leigh Braisington, Tina Rasmussen and Stephen Snyder

If you do not live locally, all handouts, study materials and video recordings of all sessions will be posted on the website. You also have the option for practice interviews.

Group meets one Saturday per month September through February.

For those not local to the area, the handouts, study material and video recordings of all sessions will be posted online.

In these daylongs of practice, study and discussion we will:

• Spend lots of time meditating together, learning techniques to strengthen concentration, develop jhana and deepen insight.
• Through teaching and discussion, explore various understandings of samadhi and jhana in the Pali texts and by modern teachers, and how they relate to insight meditation.
• Learn teachings and practices of various well-known samadhi and jhana teachers.
• Build Community to support your practice during this class and beyond.
• Handouts and Study Material will be given each month.

Optional ongoing practice support will include monthly practice interviews and a residential retreat.

Times and Dates: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
2013: Sept 14, Oct 5, Nov. 9 and Dec 7
2014: Jan 11, Feb 8. April date to be announced
Optional Retreat: March 21 – 30

Location: St. Clement’s Episcopal Church
2837 Claremont Blvd., Berkeley

Registration: Pre-registration requested, though not required.

Cost: Group is offered on a dana (donation) basis.

To register or for any questions email: metta@mettadharma.org
More Information at www.mettadharma.org
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