the first jhana and thinking.

The cultivation of calm or tranquility and the development of concentration
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Re: the first jhana and thinking.

Post by manas » Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:41 pm

It would be burdensome for me to provide quotes, as with the current state of my eyesight even this is somewhat straining.

First jhana is 'born of seclusion' so, one takes the mind from the ordinary state of being pulled this way and that, to a different state where one is not only secluded from external sense objects (or at least, not entranced or distracted by them?), nor any longer in the thrall of the five hindrances (for the duration), so perhaps one needs to use *skillful* thinking to obtain and sustain this, the need growing less and less as the factor of concentration gradually increases (over the course of time, as with daily practise we learn to stablize the first jhana, not 'leaping ahead' before it's solid asnd reliable), to the point where the factor of concentration is solid enough that vitakka-vicara is no longer needed (to sustain the jhana) and in fact appears as a disturbance, upon which the meditator can safely drop it and enter into the second jhana, pitisukham 'born of composure / concentration'. My own words and current understanding, I do not claim to know for sure, but since there are so many differing views anyway, I hope any errors in what I have prposed can be forgiven.
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Re: the first jhana and thinking.

Post by LuminousBliss » Sat Apr 08, 2017 7:11 am

What I find funny is that every one tries to argue this debate because of what the suttas say about Jhana...

But who cares what it says? the fact that such an absorption state where one is cut off from the 5 senses exist is what matters. and anyway can go meditate and experience that as long as they follow the correct instructions from someone who knows what he is talking about and most importantly uses the nimitta (bright light) to enter jhana.

It's amazing how many people keep shooing this nimitta away because they don't experience it in their meditation and even pass that bad advice to other people who meditate and saying stuff like there is no need for the light nimitta, you can just use the bliss energy.

There is a reason why ajahn brahm and pa auk have these amazing jhana states, it's because both of them are using the nimitta in the first place!
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