Stopping eating considered a suicide?

Buddhist ethical conduct including the Five Precepts (Pañcasikkhāpada), and Eightfold Ethical Conduct (Aṭṭhasīla).
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Re: Stopping eating considered a suicide?

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It is a foolish idea i had, as i said i think i find it burdensome at this point. I have no more human goals like children or wife, wealth or success even. As i see it i am just living out the rest of my time in Samsara. Like a person who attained immortality would not fear death i am sort of like this, i know Dhamma is real so Death is enticing but it is not a solution because even if i die now i will be born again and it will be a bad deal eventually. As i see it being in this body is sort of a meditation, i am ultimately aching and want a release from it analogue to wanting to change posture, however i am better off staying in this posture and bearing with it because it will bring about Arahanantship faster.

It seems foolish that the Abbot did not want to ordain you because even kids ordain. Probably you are better off finding more reasonable people for a community. Ive tried staying at a monastery recently and among other things I received a booklet on Samanera ordination and it said that it takes 5 years to attain Nibbana, it was suggested that i get my attainments confirmed by others who routinely confirm other people's attainments. I quickly left that place.

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Re: Stopping eating considered a suicide?

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Hi you can always change of view point.

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Re: Stopping eating considered a suicide?

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Please keep in mind that in the Buddhist sense we are always "eating" and that "you are what you eat" refers to what we experience through all the sense doors, and what we think and intend as well as physical nutriment.

So when dealing with the world, with people, I try to keep in mind what you are eating at every moment, with every movement of the mind. ... el105.html

Hang in there :smile:
Kammalakkhano , bhikkhave, bālo, kammalakkhano pandito, apadānasobhanī paññāti
(The fool is characterized by his/her actions/the wise one is characterized by his/her actions/Wisdom shines forth in behaviour.)
(AN 3.2 Lakkhana Sutta)

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Re: Stopping eating considered a suicide?

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R1111 wrote:
Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:21 pm
If one was to stop eating would that be considered suicide?
I posted something that relates to this here. here

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Re: Stopping eating considered a suicide?

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Does anybody know why these two versions different?
Sumana surpassed the others in wisdom and attained the second stage of sainthood, Sakadagami. She did not marry but this was not because she had renounced the lay life. In fact when she saw the happiness of her two elder sisters she was overcome by depression and her spiritual strength could not sustain her. She wasted away, eating hardly anything, and passed away at a young age. ... verse=018a
Though she was only a young maiden, she became afflicted with so severe a disease that she stopped taking her food
where are the original text versions?

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