Porn addict and painful and hard cleaning

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Re: Porn addict and painful and hard cleaning

Post by mirco » Sat May 24, 2014 12:04 pm

rgb1 wrote:Forcing yourself to dislike porn isn't going to work. Just be mindful of the feelings that arise while you watch it (the pornography). When the feelings arise don't push them away, observe them closely and objectively. the porn isn't the real problem it is your response to it.

also give the asubha a break, it doesnt seem to be helping. You can use it more skilfully once you understand more about your attachment.

[...] If you want to understand and overcome your addiction, no amount of asubha is going to help.
Dear rgb1,

good posting. I have the same in mind.

But, if you use asubha bhavana rightly,
it will lead to an end of the production of the nutrition for lust
by understanding how things really are.

But only if. In order to create aversion, it is counterproductive.
"An important term for meditative absorption is samadhi. We often translate that as concentration, but that can suggest a certain stiffness. Perhaps unification is a better rendition, as samadhi means to bring together. Deep samadhi isn't at all stiff. It's a process of letting go of other things and coming to a unified experience." - Bhikkhu Anālayo

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Re: Porn addict and painful and hard cleaning

Post by beeblebrox » Fri May 30, 2014 1:43 pm

Hi all,

Someone posted this link recently:

It seems to have a Christianity bent to it... but still some good insights and tips if you look around on the site.

I think I should mention that I'm not against sexuality and think that it can be a part of healthy relationship (though I've been practicing chastity), the porn should definitely be avoided if a difficulty is not wanted.


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