Giving to beggars

Buddhist ethical conduct including the Five Precepts (Pañcasikkhāpada), and Eightfold Ethical Conduct (Aṭṭhasīla).
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Re: Giving to beggars

Post by manas » Wed Apr 09, 2014 11:28 am

Dan74 wrote:A timely recognition of two wonderful Australians, I say!

It will also come in handy for Dame Gina as I hear the wedding bells are ringing for her at last. At last she found a match for herself, both in stature and personality. A man with a title already, with interest in mining and a keen concern for governance.

Here's a sneaky pic at the beautiful couple:

The Baron will help her realize her dream of Aussies working for two dollars a day. A perfect match.

Then the Blessed One, picking up a tiny bit of dust with the tip of his fingernail, said to the monk, "There isn't even this much form...feeling...
perception...fabrications...consciousness that is constant, lasting, eternal, not subject to change, that will stay just as it is as long as eternity."

(SN 22.97)

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